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Liberl News

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Liberl News - Issue 1

S.C. 1202 [The Queens' Birthday is Approaching]
The 60th Anniversary - Preparations are Underway!


[Featured Story] The Queen's 60th Is Nigh

◆A Milestone Anniversary◆

The half-year countdown to Her Majesty Queen Alicia's 60th birthday celebration has begun! This has been a banner year for Her Royal Highness, sparking more anticipation than this event has ever seen before. But we must not forget, too, that this year is the 10th since the Hundred Days War, a period of intense turmoil for all of Liberl. As we celebrate, let us also reflect on the tragedies of the past, so that we may refrain from ever reliving them in the future. We have been afforded this luxury of hindsight, and we must use it to its fullest!


◆Preparations Underway in the Royal City◆


Main Street is filled with the bustle of men and women furiously preparing decor and merchandise for the upcoming festivities, and developing new products specifically for sale during the celebration. The competition is truly cutthroat!

'I yearn for my customers' taste buds to sing with delight!' says Ms. Sorbet, local icecream purveyor who deals her wares in the city's east block. Sadly, her new menu will remain a mystery to us until the day of the festival.


'As the population grows, more and more businesses pop up all around me. But all that means is more customers, especially at festival time, so I'm certainly not complaining!' she exclaims with a sly smile. Ms. Sorbet seems to have a few tricks up her sleeve, so to all her competitors, we say: watch out!






◆Who Shall Stand, and Who Shall Fall?◆






Prior to the festival, Her Majesty will be hosting our annual Martial Arts Competition in the royal arena. This fiercely competitive tournament is always a big hit, with some avid spectators even regarding it as the day's main event. Which team will come out on top?

[Society] Burglaries Across the Bose Region


According to our sources, the Bose region has seen a string of burglaries over the last several days, and the people have had enough! The Royal Army Border Patrol stationed at the Haken Gate has been stepping up efforts to apprehend the group of criminals responsible for these acts, and anyone with information on their identities is urged to contact the Border Patrol immediately.






[Travel] Finding the Perfect Getaway






The Kingfisher Inn, along the beautiful Valleria Lakeshore, is more popular than ever following a visit from the women of the Royal City. Won't you come and fish with us, too?

  • Prólogo:
    • Rinon General Goods, Rolent.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Liberl News - Issue 2

S.C. 1202 [The Airliner 'Linde' has Vanished!]
Accident? Incident? Details Inside!


[Breaking Story] Disappearance of the Linde!

◆Gone Without a Trace! Where Could It Be?◆

Yesterday afternoon, the airliner 'Linde' vanished over east Bose air-space while en route to Rolent. An exhaustive overnight search conducted by the Royal Army yielded no clues to its whereabouts, leaving all parties baffled. In response to this incident, the army has declared all airliner flights canceled until further notice.






◆Fate of Linde Passengers Unknown◆






The Liberl Orbalship Corporation reports that 17 were aboard the Linde at the time of its departure, including both passengers and crew. Family members of these missing persons are understandably concerned, but remain hopeful.






◆Probability of Accident Is Low, Says Expert◆






Central Factory Chief Murdock proclaims, 'Our orbal engines are sturdy and reliable. The chance of an engine failure is virtually nil. I do not believe an accident to have occurred.'






◆Rumors and Theories Abound◆






Was it a conspiracy perpetrated by the Royal Army and the covert mercenary force comprised of jaegers? Perhaps it was a plot to kidnap the passengers, and hold them for ransom? Some have even suggested the Linde came under attack by the last living ancient dragon!


No matter what anyone may have heard, it's all just speculation at this point, as no real evidence has yet been found. The Royal Army is investigating a possible connection between this incident and the recent burglaries in Bose, but thus far, no information on any such connection has been released.


In fact, no information has been released at all, due to army regulations prohibiting the dissemination of intelligence to the general public -- a policy that I'm sure we'd all like to see repealed!

[Society] Crystal Stolen in Daring Robbery!

A group of unknown individuals recently broke into the Rolent mayor's house to steal a Septium Crystal that was left in his possession. Local bracers came to the rescue and managed to recover the stolen item, but the culprits are still at large. Thankfully, no harm came to the mayor or his family during this incident. 'We deeply regret that the criminals escaped,' says a Rolent Bracer representative, 'but please know that we of the Bracer Guild did everything in our power to apprehend them and will continue the pursuit for however long it may take.'






[Culture] Touring Ancient Sites
‾The Rolent Region and the Esmelas Tower‾






The Esmelas Tower lies a few hundred selge to the north of Rolent City, along the Malga Trail. Its turquoise-green visage is the only real landmark for as far as the eye can see. Counting as one of the four tetracyclic towers, its purpose is still shrouded in mystery to this day. This exciting location is as old as Liberl itself, and modern research utilizing the latest orbal technology is expected to answer a few questions about this eerie structure, while posing still others.

  • Capítulo 1 (Antes de completar la misión Missing Airliner):
    • Rinon General Goods, Rolent.
    • Bose Market - Minuet's Magazine Stand, Bose.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Liberl News - Issue 3

S.C. 1202 [Update! Disappearance of the Linde]
Ransom Note from Capua Family a.k.a. the Sky Bandits!


[Breaking Story] The Linde Saga Continues!

◆Ransom Request Received!◆

Yesterday afternoon, the airliner 'Linde' vanished over east Bose air-space while en route to Rolent. An exhaustive overnight search conducted by the Royal Army yielded no clues to its whereabouts, leaving all parties baffled. In response to this incident, the army has declared all airliner flights canceled until further notice.


A Royal Army representative reports that the Grancel Liberl Orbalship Corporation and Liberl Royal Family alike have received letters claiming responsibility for the Linde incident. The criminals refer to themselves as the 'Capua Family,' and demand a hefty sum of money (rumored to be in the millions of mira) to secure the passengers' safety.






◆Who Are the Capua Family?◆






These so-called 'Sky Bandits' are a group of marauders operating from Imperial airspace all the way into the Bose region. Their exact numbers are unknown, but they're believed to be around two dozen strong.






◆The Need for Cooperative Efforts◆






With the incident quickly turning from search and rescue to hostage negotiation, collaboration between the Royal Army and the Bracer Guild seems the best possible course of action. When questioned on this subject, a guild representative stated that the relationship between the two parties has seen worse times, but is still less than civil. Given this idealistic divide, a partnership seems extremely unlikely.


Bose's mayor, Ms. Maybelle, has launched an independent investigation through the guild, but still laments that the Royal Army won't share their information. 'This is no time for jurisdictional disputes,' she says. 'Both parties need to work together!' Having inherited the mayorship from her late father at only 21, Ms. Maybelle is known as a very wise young lady. Whether or not either party will heed her advice, however, remains to be seen.

[Technology] Enter the Arseille!

At long last, this high-speed cruiser takes to the skies! With rigging a whopping 42 arge in length, the pride and joy of the Zeiss Central Factory has finally been completed, and transferred into the stewardship of the Royal Guard. Watch out, do-badders!


Although not airborne just yet, the Arseille is scheduled for an operational test flight within the next few days, to the excitement of all involved. Due to delays in its orbal engine development, however, only a basic performance evaluation will be conducted at this time.






[Culture] The Hundred Days War - Book Review






Ten years have passed since the war, and I'm sure we all remember the endless reports of casualties and destruction, making an objective assessment of events a ludicrous proposition. That's exactly what this book sets out to do, however, by compiling accounts from virtually every possible source to paint a crystal clear picture of what happened behind the scenes, and how the war came to be. History demanded a book like this be written, and on this dubious anniversary, I think everyone should give it a look.






[Travel] Finding the Perfect Getaway






The Maple Leaf Inn, nestled in the corner of quaint Elmo Village in southern Zeiss (within walking distance of the Republic's borders), is the most luxurious hot springs resort this reviewer has ever seen. Its tranquil Eastern aesthetic, abundant natural springs and outstanding Eastern cuisine are nothing short of dazzling, but the true reason to visit is, indeed, the soak itself. For you see, the Maple Leaf Inn is renowned for its open-air baths -- an understandably embarrassing prospect to some, but those who succumb will be glad they did. Taking in the warm waters while gazing up at the starry sky is truly a breathtaking experience.


And best of all: Towels are optional!

  • Capítulo 1 (Después de completar la misión Missing Airliner):
    • Bose Market - Minuet's Magazine Stand, Bose.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Liberl News - Issue 4

S.C. 1202 [Sky Bandits Arrested! Missing Linde Case Solved!]
A First-Hand Account of the Foray!


[Featured Story] Case Closed! Criminals Caught!

◆All Hostages Safely Secured!◆

The Royal Army reports that the military's Intelligence Division successfully located the Sky Bandits' hideout in the mountains of Bose. The criminals were apprehended, and all hostages were set free.


◆Linde Found in Abandoned Mine◆


Mere days prior to the Capuas' capture, the Linde was found in an abandoned mine north of Ravennue Village. Its cargo had been looted, and its passengers and crew were still missing, but this was the break the investigators needed to crack the case wide open. And shortly thereafter, that's exactly what they did!






◆Great Success for New Intelligence Division◆






The monumental task of clue analysis and deduction fell upon the Royal Intelligence Division, newly founded by a young man named Colonel Alan Richard. While the Border Patrol tracked the criminals, a team of intelligence officials led by one General Morgan fed them information and analyses, and it was this coordinated effort that ultimately led to a successful rescue.


◆Historic Arrest Witnessed by Media◆


'Put your hands in the air!' came the cry. With that, the Royal Army blockaded the Capuas before they could escape, and it was all over. Don Capua's blank, disbelieving stare said it all!






◆Bracers Also Play Crucial Role◆






Intelligence and Border Patrol alone can't take all the credit for this successful rescue, as a handful of bracers played a fairly significant role too, modestly dodging the limelight in the process. Several hours prior to the army's raid, these bracers infiltrated the Sky Bandits' hideout through decidedly nonstandard means, and waged a small war against them from within, keeping them off their guard. In the end, it seems the bracers and the Royal Army really did work together, albeit by accident.






◆Ringleader Taken to Leiston Fortress◆






Don Capua, the ringleader of this crime family, has been transported to the Leiston Fortress, where he will be thoroughly interrogated. The Capuas' Imperial-made light aircraft, 'Bobcat,' has been impounded as evidence, and the case is expected to be an open-and-shut one.






◆Families Relieved That Hostages Are Safe◆






Friends and families of the hostages finally have a reason to smile again, now that they know their loved ones are safe. Bose's Mayor Maybelle is overjoyed as well. 'This is the result we all prayed for,' she says, 'and we owe an immeasurable debt of thanks to all those involved in resolving this incident without casualty.'


We at Liberl News also wish to send our gratitude to General Morgan, along with all his men and women of the Intelligence Division, for working around the clock to track down the whereabouts of the hostages and their captors. Everyone else involved deserves commendation as well, so let's be sure that when they return to their homes, they receive a true hero's welcome!

[Society] Duke Dunan von Auslese to Visit Ruan


Our sources say that Her Majesty's nephew is planning a vacation to Ruan -- though the exact times and locations remain undisclosed.






[Society] Imperial Citizen Dines and Dashes!






The upscale Anterose Restaurant in Bose's north block suffered a loss this week when an Imperial traveler/would-be musician bilked on his (rather hefty) bill. The man was arrested on the spot and imprisoned at Haken Gate -- a bit severe, but it sends a powerful message.

  • Capítulo 2 (Antes de completar la misión Orphanage Crisis):
    • Bose Market - Minuet's Magazine Stand, Bose.
    • O'Neil Duty-Free Shop, Ruan.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Liberl News - Issue 5

S.C. 1202 [Exclusive Interview with Colonel Richard]
The Royal Army's Rising Star! Personal Details Revealed!


[Featured Story] We Interview Colonel Richard!

◆A Close-Up Look at the Man Behind the Plan◆

The Linde incident halted the nation's aerial transportation and struck fear in our hearts, but thanks to the Royal Army's Intelligence Division (hereafter 'I.D.'), all of that's behind us now, and no hostages were harmed. We're pleased to welcome the I.D. founder today for an exclusive one-on-one interview, and we'd like to thank him for taking time from his busy schedule to meet with us.


Alan Richard, Founder of I.D.
Born S.C. 1168 (Age 34), Single
War College Graduate, Rank: Colonel


Liberl News (hereafter LN): Congratulations on your success with the Linde incident!

Col. Alan Richard (hereafter AR): Thanks, but I'm not sure I'm the right person to congratulate. We officers just sit in front of a desk all day. It's the men and women on the field who deserve all the praise here!


LN: And we are thankful, truly. Tell me, Col., what was your role in the Hundred Days War?

AR: Easier to say what my role wasn't! I planned strategies, I fought, I handled communications and intelligence, and I procured goods for the troops, to name just a few of my tasks.


LN: And were the lessons you learned in the war contributive to the founding of the I.D.?

AR: Actually, no. We now live in an information age, and as orbal technology advances, life becomes faster-paced. And if the Royal Army can't keep up...well, then that's it for us!


LN: How do you see the Royal Army now, and in what ways do you believe it could be improved?

AR: As an officer, I really can't officially answer that. If you're asking for my own personal opinion, though, then I'd have to say we need to become a more robust organization.


LN: As in, more arms proliferation?

AR: No, no, quite the opposite! Not an expansion of force, but of quality. We need significant improvements in our organization, our equipment, our command structure...


LN: I'm afraid that's all the time we have, but Colonel Alan Richard, I sincerely thank you for granting us this wonderful opportunity.






◆This Reporter's Impression◆






Unpretentious, unrestrained and bold, Col. Alan Richard is nothing at all like the elite, haughty image people seem to have of him. And given his accomplishments, it's clear he's not only a brilliant man, but a politically savvy one as well. He truly is the Royal Army's rising star, and his time is only just beginning!

[Culture] Festival at the Jenis Royal Academy


The lychee is back in season, and as always, the Jenis Royal Academy is ready to celebrate! Come for the fruit, but stay for the booths, the exhibits, and of course, the annual class play!






[Culture] 'Site'-Seeing: Ruan & Air-Letten






Clear lake water flows over the edge of an aqueduct, forming cascading falls of unmatchable beauty. Such is Air-Letten-- a place of natural splendor and boundless wonder. Scholars and archaeologists alike are baffled as to how such grand medieval aqueducts were built in an age before orbal technology.


At present, the ruins of Air-Letten are used as a checkpoint between Ruan and Zeiss, but quality accommodations are also available for curious travelers with a taste for the ancient and mysterious. If that's you, then Letten the Air out of your boring life, and get going!






[Breaking Story] Mercia Orphanage Burnt to Ashes






Before dawn yesterday, a fire broke out at the Mercia Orphanage. No injuries were reported, but the building has been completely leveled. The Bracer Guild is presently investigating.

  • Capítulo 2 (Después de completar la misión Orphanage Crisis):
    • O'Neil Duty-Free Shop, Ruan.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Liberl News - Issue 6

S.C. 1202 [Ruan City Mayor Arrested on Suspicion of Arson!]
Rampage of Incumbent Mayor! Motive Brought to Light!


[Breaking Story] Ruan Mayor Arrested

◆A Sudden Arrest◆

Yesterday afternoon, Ruan's mayor, Morris Dalmore (48), was arrested by the Royal Guard on suspicion of arson and intent to commit other crimes. His steward, Gilbert Stein (25), was arrested on the same charges. Both are in the custody of the Intelligence Division and have been transferred to Leiston Fortress.






◆A Horrifying Rampage by the Incumbent Mayor◆






Mayor Dalmore is suspected of ordering the arson carried out on the Mercia Orphanage and plotting the theft of the donations, as well. Although those responsible for committing the acts have not yet been caught, the mayor's steward, Gilbert, was seized at the scene, suggesting his involvement.






◆Arseille Aids in Arrest◆






Mayor Dalmore abruptly fled his residence during questioning by the Bracer Guild and attempted to flee down the Roubine River in his personal yacht. The bracers reacted quickly and alerted the Royal Guard, who rushed to the scene in the high-speed cruiser, Arseille, and used its hull as a barrier to thwart the escape. After his apprehension, the suspect appeared to have a temporary lapse of memory, possibly due to shock, but has since regained his composure.






◆What Motivated Such a Despicable Act?◆






A figure born into privilege and wealth who, for years, managed the affairs of the municipal government, has fallen from grace--all for what in the end was nothing more than an enormous debt borne from insatiable, personal greed.

In an investigation conducted by the Liberl News, it was uncovered that Morris Dalmore had been engaged in a number of speculative market transactions. However, a year prior, these deals in the Republic fell through, and he was left with a substantial debt. In order to cover his losses, Dalmore diverted money from the city's budget and attempted to develop a number of resort homes to be built somewhere within the region, perhaps reasoning that the profit gained from some prime real estate would hide his pilfering from the city coffers and restore his prior wealth.

Unfortunately, the key to his plan, the Mercia Orphanage, declined an offer to sell the land upon which it stood. The desperate suspect then resorted to arson and slipped into a heinous spree of crime.

[Society] Ruan Awaits a Speedy Election


With the incumbent mayor under arrest and incapable of fulfilling his duties, Ruan's succeeding municipal government is expected to endure an extended period of confusion. However, through the abolishment of the aristocracy and simultaneous enactment of a royal charter, in an instance such as this one, the law stipulates that an election must be held at the earliest possible date and a new mayor selected.


Therefore, in the interest of public stability, a prompt and nonpartisan election is awaited by all.






[Technology] The Orbal Calculator, Capel - No. 1 in Processing Ability Worldwide






Mechanical computation through the application of orbments has been used in a vast range of fields beginning with navigational equipment aboard airships. However, the Capel, which is located in the Zeiss Central Factory, reigns supreme in this department.


The Capel has the ability to instantly locate information from within its databanks, which currently store an amount equal to that of numerous encyclopedias. Its inventor, Professor Russell, is presently researching further possible applications for this technology.

  • Capítulo 3 (Antes de completar la misión Factory Incident):
    • O'Neil Duty-Free Shop, Ruan.
    • Bell Station General Goods, Zeiss.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Liberl News - Issue 7

S.C. 1202 [Shock Over Incident at Zeiss Central Factory]
Daylight Attack - Terrorist a Member of the Royal Guard?!


[Breaking Story] Shock Over Terrorist Incident

◆Incident Occurs in Broad Daylight◆

According to an announcement made by the Royal Army Intelligence Division, a terrorist attack occurred at the Zeiss Central Factory. Concrete details remain scarce, but the smoke canisters deployed by the criminals caused a temporary state of panic.


After the incident, residents witnessed soldiers dressed in blue uniforms exit the building. The Royal Army has expanded checks and is currently tracking the phony soldiers' movements.






◆Mistrust of Those Serving in Blue Uniforms◆






Relating to the blue uniforms reported at the scene, several witnesses have indicated that they were the uniforms worn by the Royal Guard. The Intelligence Division has avoided making any statements regarding the matter, but if this information proves to be true, the implications could affect the entire Royal Army.


We will carefully follow how this situation develops in the near future.






◆Blackout Related to the Current Incident?◆






In the evening, two days prior to the incident, an unusual phenomenon occurred within the city of Zeiss which caused all orbments to black out temporarily. The Royal Army is investigating whether or not there is any connection to the recent terrorist attack.






◆Theories Regarding the Terrorist Incident◆






The perpetrators' objective in this latest terrorist incident is still unclear at this time. The Liberl News has therefore compiled some of the theories being bandied about in connection with the incident.


[Theory 1: Imperial Conspiracy]: The imperial forces were behind the incident in order to get their hands on the Central Factory's technology.


―This theory suggests that a mercenary force like a jaeger corps was used to carry out the actual attack.


[Theory 2: Insurrection Within the Royal Army]: An insurgency was carried out by a part of the Royal Army and, in order to send a shockwave across the kingdom, this same group sought to occupy the Central Factory.


―However, without any prior incident from the military, this theory does not seem plausible.


[Theory 3: Attacked by the Ancient Dragon]: A rather odd theory by a group of researchers that purports that the ancient dragon living within the mountainous region attacked the Central Factory.


―This theory may be best addressed by returning to it in a few weeks to see if any sort of verifiable evidence has been left behind.

[Culture] Touring Ancient Sites






‾The Grancel Region and the Ahnenburg Wall‾






The Ahnenburg Wall---The last line of defense during the Hundred Days War which protected the Royal City from the invading Imperial Army. This wall, likened unto a protective shell encompassing the whole of Grancel, is one of several ancient ruins scattered across the kingdom. If one were to climb atop the ramparts from both the Gurune and Sanktheim gates, one just might be able to feel the wisdom of the ancients through that majestic structure.






[Travel] The Place to Get Away From It All






This time I will be introducing a hotel rather than an inn. The hotel of which I speak, The Roenbaum, boasts of the highest pedigree in the entirety of the Liberl Kingdom.


This hotel stands next-door to Grancel Castle, a location other establishments can only dream of, and is just a few minutes' walk from Grancel's east block. If one intends to fully enjoy the annual festivities, then this is one place which should not be left off your list. And especially for those celebrities from all walks of life, by all means, take this opportunity to experience its critically-acclaimed service.

  • Capítulo 3 (Después de completar la misión Factory Incident):
    • Bell Station General Goods, Zeiss.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Liberl News - Issue 8

S.C. 1202 [City Shaken Over Possible Sedition Conspiracy!]
Sudden Mistrust Falls on Elite Group!


[Featured Story] Conspiracy in the Royal City?!

◆Shock Over Royal Guard Arrests◆

According to a statement issued by the Intelligence Division late last night, the Royal Guard conspired to revolt within the Royal City. This shocker occurred when the group was confronted by the Intelligence Division Special Operations Unit, which identified the unfolding plot.


Following the incident, the Army Strategic Operations Headquarters called for an immediate stand-down of the Royal Guard.


It also appears that the incident at the Central Factory was the work of this seditionist movement led by the former Royal Guard members. Evidence gathered from the attack seems to have been a deciding factor in ID-ing the culprits.

Ex-1st Lieutenant Julia Schwarz (pictured above) is currently on the run with a number of her fellow officers. A warrant has been issued for their arrest.






◆Erbe Royal Villa on Lockdown◆






The Intelligence Division has set up headquarters in the Erbe Royal Villa, and is preparing for an attack by the insurgent unit. In the meantime, entry into the area surrounding the villa is strictly prohibited.






◆Suspicion of the Elite Unit◆






A sedition plot, an attack on the Central Factory -- Her Majesty's most trusted unit has suddenly, like a bolt out of the blue, been accused of some truly heinous crimes.


These shocking events have sent citizens of the Royal City reeling in a state of bafflement, yet there has still been no word from the Intelligence Division about the evidence or motive behind these incidents.


In the interest of public sentiment, should not swift steps be taken to demonstrate, clearly, the grounds for these claims?

[Society] A Postponement of Festivities?


A royal official disclosed today that Her Majesty, Queen Alicia, appears to have fallen ill, and is presently recuperating in the royal keep. It was also noted that Princess Klaudia would be attending to the needs of her grandmother, Her Royal Highness. For the time being, the honorable Duke Dunan von Auslese will be assuming all official duties in her stead.


It is conceivable that there may be a postponement of the annual festivities if Her Majesty's recovery is unfavorable. In the Royal City, already taken aback at the arrest of a unit within the Royal Army, this is another piece of depressing news for all the peace-loving citizens.


Our prayers go out to Her Majesty for a speedy recovery.






[Society] The Martial Arts Competition Begins!






This year's Martial Arts Competition is hosted by the honorable Duke Dunan von Auslese in place of Her Majesty, and despite the uncertainty arising from recent events, the preliminary rounds will begin as scheduled.


Owing to the duke's strong inclination to have teams of four battle it out, this year's match format was changed. The sudden modification sent competitors scrambling in an effort to assemble teams. It appears, however, that one competitor, a citizen of the Republic, has elected to go it alone for the time being.


This solitary challenger; will he be able to make it through the preliminaries?

  • Capítulo Final (Antes de completar la misión To Queen Alicia):
    • Edel Market - Sundries Corner, Grancel.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Liberl News - Issue 9

S.C. 1202 [Victors Decided in Martial Arts Competition!]
The Fight is Over! - Crown Goes to an Unlikely Team!


[Featured Story] Victors Decided!

◆Crown Goes to an Unlikely Team◆

When the last of the Special Ops Unit slowly sank to their knees, the referee raised his hand, and the entire arena erupted in fanfare.


The competition, which got off to a rocky start after the change from single to team matches, had yet another unforeseeable surprise awaiting eager fans, in the form of a team of unlikely victors led by Zane Vathek of the Calvard Republic. Was there anyone out there who could have anticipated such a feat?


A martial artist, two bracers and a musician; an unheard-of combination, to say the least! Yet, this is the group that advanced to the finals and took the crown by defeating the elite of the Special Operations Unit. It just goes to show, it's not over 'til it's over!


The winning team's members continued to work effectively by leveraging their individual talents in complementary harmony with one another, playing off of each other's strengths. The competition itself was an event replete with powerful, heated battles and unique team dynamics, which ended explosively to thunderous ovation. The Liberl News wishes to honor the valiant efforts of all those who participated in this year's proceedings.






◆Winning Team Invited to the Royal Banquet◆






In a ceremony held at the conclusion of the competition, the winning team was awarded a cash prize of 100,000 mira and an invitation to the royal banquet. This formal dinner will be hosted by Duke Dunan von Auslese. The mayors of each city and other various persons of influence are also scheduled to attend.

[Society] The Queen Shows Signs of Recovery


The Liberl News has been informed that Her Majesty the Queen, who has been recuperating, is expected to return to her official duties soon. The anniversary celebration, which was in danger of being postponed, will now assuredly be conducted on schedule.


In recent days, with unsettling news becoming the norm, it is certainly wonderful to receive such joyous tidings.






[Society] Intelligence Division Steps Up Defense






The search for the officers of the Ex-Royal Guard accused of acting as ringleaders in a series of terrorist-related incidents has proven to be an onerous one, and after making little headway, the Intelligence Division decided to station members of their unit within the Royal City, in a move to further step up defensive measures. All security positions covering Grancel Castle are also expected to be relegated to the same unit.






[Society] Ancient Dragon Sighted?






Reports have made their way to our news desk regarding the sighting of an enormous silhouette making its way across the sky above Ravennue Village, located in the northern part of the Bose region. Public speculation revolves around whether or not the object in question is, in fact, the ancient dragon which has been living in the world since before the Great Collapse.


According to statements by a number of researchers, the Bose region was the last place the ancient dragon had been sighted, giving further credence to the claim that the great creature may still presently be living among us. Research concerning the ancient dragon has also begun to take a leap into the public spotlight as of late. These purported sightings have, of course, only fueled researchers' excitement.

  • Capítulo Final (Después de completar la misión To Queen Alicia):
    • Edel Market - Sundries Corner, Grancel.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Liberl News - Special

S.C. 1202 [Intel's Coup D'etat Plot Thwarted!]
Full Report! Rescue Operation for Her Highness, the Queen!


[Breaking Story] Coup D'etat Thwarted!

◆Rescuing Her Majesty, the Queen◆

Yesterday at noon, a group comprised mostly of bracers and members of the Royal Guard stormed Grancel Castle. After rescuing Her Majesty, who had been placed under house arrest by the Intelligence Division, said group suppressed the Special Operations Unit of that division, thereby liberating the royal castle. ID commanding officer, Colonel Richard, as well as other high-ranking officers involved were placed under arrest and charged with attempting to incite a coup d'etat.


In this issue I intend to make a full account of the hidden truth behind this string of incidents.






◆Message to the Readers◆






I am sure there are many out there who are dumbfounded by the headings printed in this issue. Up until now, this magazine has withheld publishing information concerning major events which surrounded the occupation of the royal castle, placement of Her Majesty under house arrest, and other such circumstances of pertinence in an endeavor to uncover the Intelligence Division's dark conspiracy.


The Liberl News sincerely apologizes for the abrupt coverage, and in addition asks that the readers understand our decision in this matter.






- (Editor-in-Chief)
◆Alan Richard's Plan◆






The young founder of the Intelligence Division -- behind his humble facade, there lurked a calculating schemer enacting a carefully-planned coup d'etat.


Richard's plan all began through the utilization of the Intelligence Division as a personal recruitment tool to amass a group of senior military officials mired in corruption and illicit affairs. These actions allowed Richard to hold the heart of the Royal Army within the palm of his hand -- for a time, at least. General Morgan and other such incorruptible figures of importance, on the other hand, were forcibly bound, imprisoned, or otherwise restrained from interfering.






◆Terrorist Incident Resolved◆






In sum, the soldiers in blue uniforms were the perfect imitative deception with which to frame the Royal Guards. The goal of the incident itself was to secure certain test equipment and abduct Professor Russell, the leading specialist in orbment research, but the background surrounding this event is still under investigation by the Bracer Guild.






◆Royal Princess Held Hostage◆






After gaining control over a large majority of the army, Richard finally set his coup d'etat plan into motion. Placing Her Majesty's nephew, Duke Dunan von Auslese, on the throne in her stead, Richard assumed control over the royal family from the shadows. His plan was to press Her Majesty to abdicate the throne by taking Her Highness, Princess Klaudia, hostage, but the Royal Guard, led by 1st Lieutenant Schwarz, saw right through the machinations. A fierce battle ensued between the Special Operations Unit and the Royal Guard over Her Highness, the princess. However, being outnumbered, the Royal Guard's stand ended in defeat, and Princess Klaudia was taken captive.


Following the incident, members of the Royal Guard were branded as terrorists, and the unit was driven underground. With nothing standing in Richard's way, the success of his coup d'etat was only a matter of time.






◆Unlikely Heroes Make an Appearance◆






Amidst the chaos, an unheralded ray of light shone down upon the scene. A certain few individuals infiltrated the castle and slipped past the security of the Special Operations Unit. Moreover, they succeeded in meeting with Her Majesty, the Queen, who was under house arrest at the time.


I have refrained from writing these individuals' names in deference to the Bracer Guild's request, but suffice it to say, the guild itself, which had been in the dark due to regulations sanctioned by the Intelligence Division, was for the first time able to grasp the direness of the situation, thanks to information acquired by these nameless heroes.


After being apprised of the chain of events, the Bracer Guild would become a central force of opposition to the Intelligence Division.






◆Liberation of the Queen◆






The Bracer Guild rendezvoused with the estranged Royal Guard and set about liberating the Erbe Royal Villa through a joint operation carried out under the veil of night, and beginning with Her Highness Princess Klaudia, succeeded in rescuing the hostages. Then yesterday, using the tolling noon bell of the Grancel Cathedral as a cue, a rescue team primarily made up of bracers and members of the Royal Guard pressed forward with a plan to storm the castle in a three-pronged attack from air, land and the underground. As rangers of the Royal Army under the command of the Intelligence Division fell upon the liberating group, a deadly battle with the Special Operations Unit erupted within the halls of Grancel Castle, and even spread to the lower levels. The struggle finally came to an end with the safe rescue of Her Majesty, Queen Alicia.


At roughly the same time, a unit of the Royal Army that had come within sight of the castle ceased its advance after being persuaded to lay down arms by General Morgan, who had escaped from captivity and rushed to the Royal City. The coup d'etat plan which had been crafted by Richard and the Intelligence Division had been, without a doubt, thwarted at the narrow brink of no return.






◆The Face of This Nameless Paramilitary Unit◆






As is evident from the information presented in this article, the ambitions of the Intelligence Division were not shattered by the strength of a lone hero, but by the combined courage of a host of unnamed individuals, who in the end wielded the strength necessary to bring down the curtains on this intricate scheme.


It has also been rumored that a number of civilians stood shoulder to shoulder with the ranks of the Royal Guard and bracers in this endeavor. During this final struggle, the forces gathered together on the liberators' side were, in fact, put in a situation which many would agree was insufficient in terms of strength to combat this foe. However, it was the courage of these civilians that compensated for this deficiency.


As a reporter caught up in the mix, I was also one of those individuals who found themselves being borne up by this incredible energy. Among those who gave me the strength to carry on were two junior bracers in particular, to whom I owe a special debt of gratitude; for without them, penning these articles would have been an impossibility.

As we come to the end of these tumultuous events, I am once again overcome with feelings of reverence and thankfulness. The two individuals of whom I have spoken are scheduled to be awarded with their long-awaited status by the Bracer Guild at any moment. Please forgive my use of the following space for a personal message in consideration of the heroes who saved Liberl Kingdom.


My heartiest congratulations to the both of you -- and if you're ever in the mood for curry, it's on me. -(N)

[Society] Royal Guard Reinstated


The Royal Guard, which had been branded as terrorists and forced underground, has had its honor restored. The Army Strategic Operations Headquarters also decided today that the Royal Guard will be officially reinstated, and it is expected that 1st Lieutenant Schwarz and all of her fellow officers will be returning to their former unit.






[Society] General Morgan Promoted






The coup d'etat plan was carried out by a division of the military that should have served as a protective shield to the public. The Royal Army itself, unable to forestall this serious incident despite the threat it posed to the nation, will refocus its prime objective on restructuring and reorganizing in order to prevent such future tragedies. To head that movement, the Royal Assembly has already proposed the leadership be awarded to General Morgan. The Royal Army has shown signs that it will comply with these demands, and General Morgan is expected to accede to the office of Commander of Strategic Operations.


In addition, it was announced that former colonel Cassius Bright, who acted as the general's right-hand during the Hundred Days War, will be making a return, this time as an adjunct to the commander. The former colonel had, after the war, resigned from his post and transferred his considerable talents to the Bracer Guild.






[Society] Mystery at the Tetracyclic Towers!






Yesterday afternoon, numerous reports came in from all over the kingdom in witness to a mysterious light. It has been said that a beam of light shone from the tops of the Tetracyclic Towers. We are presently awaiting an investigation into the matter, as no further details are known at this time.

  • Capítulo Final (Después de completar Aureole):
    • Edel Market - Sundries Corner, Grancel.


trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Carnelia - Chapter 1

[The Imperial Chronicle]
Part 1 of a fictional novel published in Liberl.


Chapter 1 - The Imperial Chronicle


I stood there, upright in front of the revolving door, scuffing the heels of my boots against the ground. Pulling slightly on the collar of my trench coat, I dropped my chin and gazed at my partial reflection in the curved glass. Aside from my short-cropped hair, I wore a modest-looking, double-breasted leather raincoat and a pair of special order, steel-reinforced boots, both of which at first glance appear to be the most common of common apparel. Yet, they were in fact, much more than the naked eye could detect.


My ordinary, average appearance--It was of just as much importance today as it had been on any other day in times past.


Not far off, the sound of footfalls echoed rhythmically like the steady beat of a pendulum swinging back and forth, as the throngs of those coming and going moved quickly along the cobblestone avenue, enveloped and tinged silver by the morning mist. At times, the calling voice of a street peddler disrupted the steady flow, but as soon as the hawking cry faded away, it would resume its course.


Each morning that I found myself setting foot in the imperial city, I also found my surroundings to be unchanged and stained by the same somber tone of gray. Snatching up a magazine from the underarm of a street vendor, I tossed a few mira into the left hand poised expectantly behind his back.


The Imperial Chronicle; the magazine I read so often that even the ink bleeds were familiar. Roughly flipping open its cover, I scanned the headlines along the top of its monochrome pages. Then suddenly, my breath caught in my throat.


At the very bottom of the local news page, I found those letters, that sequence of characters which I had not heard nor seen since the time of that life-changing incident. My eyes instantly gravitated to the spot, and for a time, remained fixated.


'Ein Selnate.' The very meaning of those letters became lost to my senses as I stood motionless, my gaze fixed on the same line of text, until it all seemed to coalesce into a single blotch of ink. After a few seconds of blank comprehension, my vision settled and I wrenched my eyes to the beginning of the article. As I began to read, my memories verged on a single point in my past, and then slowly started to run in reverse, heading for that fateful event three years prior when this name was first introduced to me.


It was on an afternoon all those years ago, on a day not unlike this one, where the capital was overshadowed by its typical gloomy aura. I was a little younger than now, a twenty-two year old boy who stood silently in front of the boutique door as usual, double checking his appearance before lightly treading over to Micht's Imperial Factory.

It was on this day that it had been arranged for me to receive a new job from Micht, the shop owner, himself.


Although he was a drab middle-aged man, I, being the orbment enthusiast I was, had found myself as one of his few regular customers.


I headed down a dank alleyway and after passing through a partially rotted wooden-gate, I could see the soft glow of the flickering orbal light just outside the entrance of the factory whose structure was halfway below street level.


I first began receiving jobs from Micht about the time when dissension began to occur in society over the Hundred Days War. It was during this period that relations between the Liberl Kingdom and the Empire were at their worst and the importation of orbments had become almost non-existent. Conspiring with underground elements and planning a smuggling operation, Micht made me out to be his accomplice in crime. For the job which I received by his hand, was none other than that of the courier.


Being nothing more than a commoner in my teens at the time I met him and a juvie devoid of any connections in life besides, I naturally jumped at the opportunity without a moment's hesitation. Yet, even after relations with Liberl had returned to some degree of normalcy, I realized I was in no mood to give up my specialty which focused mainly on the delivery of stolen goods. The reason being: there was no job out there which could bring in the kind of mira this one did.


With an unrefined and inconspicuous appearance, I had countless times before, hidden items of various sorts in my hat and trousers and made my way hither and thither between the borders of these neighboring nations. And though to my delight, my wallet had become increasingly laden with a bounty of monetary rewards, I had routinely changed my alias as a precautionary measure. So much in fact, that these false names had built up into quite a list over the last few years. I had been known as Phil, the frivolous, Rooney, the trickster, and even Kris, the coward. However, Micht had always called me by one name: Toby. This was the identity I had used for my initial job, and the one I liked above all the others.

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    • Rhett, Rolent.
    • Bose Market - Minuet's Magazine Stand, Bose.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Carnelia - Chapter 2

[The Train Station]
Part 2 of a fictional novel published in Liberl.


Chapter 2 - The Train Station


'Hello there, Toby. You've come at just the right time.'


Greeting me with these words, Micht shuffled slightly in his seat behind the counter. The baked confection he had been eating was ever so carefully placed atop his lap to prevent it from falling onto the floor. He smacked both of his powdered sugar-covered hands together with a clap, and a cloud of white particles puffed into the air. The smell of sweet spices and baked apple pervaded the dimly lit shop.


'We had an item dropped off no more than a few minutes ago,' he continued.


Turning in his seat, Micht reached back and snatched up something wrapped in old magazine paper from off the shelf, tossing it to me. Knowing full well I wouldn't get any sort of answer, I asked anyway.


'What do we have this time?'


Laying out my railway and airship tickets, Micht ignored my question and said, 'Make sure this gets to the same place as always.' In his slow drawl he added, 'It would be in your best interest to keep your involvement to a minimum by leaving the business side of things to me and focusing solely on getting the job done, Toby.'


He leaned back in his chair and let out a deep sigh, the balls of his fingers kneading the bags under his eyes. Then, once again, his large hand extended down toward the unattended cake resting on his leg. Before the sweet treat could reach his watering mouth, I had already made my way out the door of his tiny shop.


As I walked, the waste paper-bundled package bounced around inside the folds of my bag. By the feel of its shape and weight as it beat steadily against my side, I concluded that the object in my possession was probably just more swag. It didn't make me nervous not to know what it was that I was carrying, for I had done this type of job many times before. And no matter what kind of trouble I found myself wrapped up in, I had always somehow managed to come out unscathed.


In truth, my experience on the job had made me tough, and I had become well-versed in the art of orbal magic. So it was that when I laid eyes on that rough-looking trio at the station, I felt no more knots of uneasiness in the pit of my stomach than was necessary for someone of my abilities.


The platform for the train bound for Liberl was a bustle with passengers awaiting its eventual arrival. Seeing that the benches were so crammed full of people that they could have very well been a tin of packed sardines, I resigned myself to standing near the entrance as I patiently waited for the train to come in. Twisting my body in order to move the bag to my other shoulder, I noticed the figures of two men.


Heads bent together and conversing in an inaudible tone, they stood just beyond the ticket gate, right about where the horse head of the imperial emblem lay embedded in the ground in a grand mosaic of tiles. After a short interim, another man approached and joined in the conversation.


From my own perspective, this was one ragtag group I most certainly couldn't have given a passing grade to based on looks. All three were extremely well-built and sported the same haircut. To put it mildly, they stuck out in the crowd like a bunch of sore thumbs.


Making sure to avoid eye-contact with them as they glanced in my direction, I slung my bag back onto my shoulder, and ever so calmly reached my hand into my pocket and ran the tips of my fingers across the surface of my orbment.

A woman's voice reverberated within the walls of the station notifying the passengers that the train had arrived. The low rumble of an orbal engine could be felt in the distance and after a few moments, a large vehicle was seen rolling up on the shoulder.


I muttered to myself, 'All is well,' but the sound of my voice was drowned out by the din of the massive machine. Brakes screeched, and a flash of black light reflected off the surface of the giant iron beast as it came sliding in across the rails. The immense vibration in the air emanating from the moving locomotive at its epicenter let me know that the orbal engine had been put into full-reverse in order to decelerate and bring the train to a grinding halt.


While being shoved to and fro by the waves of impatient travelers flooding out of the waiting area, I was swept toward one door of a passenger car. As we passed by the conductor, I caught another glimpse of the ticket gate. The men who were once there were now gone and the only thing that remained was the profile of the horse made of glossy tiles, glaring back at me in a shade of deep crimson.

  • Capítulo 1 (Antes de dejar Rolent):
    • Private Harold, Verte Bridge
    • Bose Market - Minuet's Magazine Stand, Bose

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Carnelia - Chapter 3

[Representative of the Septian Church]
Part 3 of a fictional novel published in Liberl.


Chapter 3 - Representative of the Septian Church


The train barreled on, almost flying through the thick veil of fog. Droplets of water splattered against the window glass, extending out like transparent veins, and continued to wriggle back and forth under the pressure of the swiftly passing wind.


Placing the temple of my head against the glass, I stared blankly down at the tickets in my hand and rubbed the two of them together between my fingers. I would be traveling by train to the border city, far south of its imperial cousin, and then to reach the Liberl Kingdom I would have to transfer to an airship. Both of my tickets were first-class-- but not the highest-end seats available.


The passenger car was nearly at full capacity, but for some peculiar reason, nobody had seated themselves in the space next to mine. As I mused about the empty seat, it occurred to me that Micht may have purchased the spot ahead of time, leaving it vacant on purpose. There was no doubt in my mind that he was being paid handsomely to make sure this job was done and done well.


'Will you be traveling to the Liberl Kingdom, sir?'


Right around the time my trip on the rails had passed its halfway mark, I was met with this sudden question, and set up with a start. My eyes searched for the one who asked it. There, standing in the isle, was a single woman with a radiant complexion, beaming down at me. She wore a coat with overlapping buckles secured slightly above her breast and appeared to be in her mid-thirties. Gingerly bending her knees and pointing her finger at the empty seat beside me, she asked, 'Do you mind?'


With a tilt of her head, she indicated the rear of the passenger car where swirling smoke saturated the air and softly muttered, 'The smell from the tobacco smoke is just dreadful.'


Wordlessly, I nodded and dragged my bag from its place on the floor, moving it over by the window to the opposite side of my feet. The woman expressed her thanks and delicately sat herself down in the seat next to mine.


For being a perfect stranger, she talked on endlessly, and I appropriately reciprocated the conversation by saying that I was on my way to the Liberl Kingdom on business as an orbment specialist. Her story was that she was on a mission of mercy for the church and had an errand to fulfill in the border city.


'Just so you know, people sometimes refer to me as 'Sister',' she went on. 'Of course, it's just a nickname.'

She recrossed her black leather boot-clad legs and let out a sort of suppressed titter from the back of her throat as she made mention of this. Sister Carnelia was her nickname.


We continued on in this fashion, subjecting ourselves to a variety of idle banter. And as the time drew on, the sun overhead began to dip in its arc, crossing the celestial meridian and descending into the west. Each time the moving train cleared a grove of trees, the entire vehicle-- passenger cars and all-- was bathed in a warm apricot hue, flooding into the cabins, creating a majestic spectacle. I gaped at the coruscating effect, and in doing so locked eyes with Sister Carnelia right at the moment the brilliance of the sinking western light seeped into her rich brown irises, causing them to give off an exquisite rubescent sparkle. The glimpse made me wonder if the origin of her nickname was somehow related to the color of her eyes being likened unto the luster of a polished carnelian stone.


The train gradually began to decelerate, and Sister Carnelia returned to her original seat in order to collect her bags. As a matter of habit, I checked my bag and orbment and found both the junk paper-covered package and the magical device fastened into my trousers' inner pocket by a series of chain stitches-- exactly where and how I'd left it.

A woman's voice came over the intercom system announcing that the train would be arriving on schedule and that rainy weather was to be expected at our destination. At the conclusion of the announcements, a number of disappointed sighs could be heard coming from along the rows of seats. Raindrops pattered against the windows outside as the looming silhouette of the overcast city came into view. The station's signal lamp emitted an angular light which was scattered with a refractive effect by the falling droplets of water. Then came a spine-chilling metallic sound followed by the jolt of the orbal engine's reversing thrust as the locomotive at the front of the train lurched to a halt.


Over the loudspeaker came another announcement asking passengers to ensure that they did not leave their baggage behind. And with that, several people stood up and crowded into the aisle. Watching a station worker in uniform as he waved a small flag amidst the falling rain, I picked up my bag and rose to my feet. I crossed paths with Sister Carnelia as I attempted to step into the aisle, but when she tried to step aside and allow me room to pass, she suddenly tripped and fell forward. Grabbing onto my shoulder for support, she picked herself up and, with an embarrassed smile, let me by. I gave her a short bow in line with general etiquette practices, then headed for the exit ahead of her. Following my lead, Sister Carnelia shuffled along closely behind me-- so close, in fact, that it felt as if she would step on my heels.


Something about it just didn't feel right.


Instinctively sliding my right hand into my pocket, I searched for my orbment, but the brass feeling I had grown accustomed to was nowhere to be felt.


In an instant, I felt my arm being twisted behind my back by someone or something with incredible strength. The sleek sound of a blade being unsheathed and then a warning prick of the tip at my back indicated the seriousness of the situation.


'I have what you're looking for, Toby,' whispered Sister Carnelia in an almost inaudible tone, her lips barely moving just behind my right ear. 'Let's not try anything either, shall we? I'd hate to see your afternoon spoiled any more than it's going to be.' And to show that she meant business, Sister Carnelia slightly altered the angle of her grip on my wrist, causing an explosion of agony that sent sparks flashing behind my eyes.

  • Capítulo 1 (Después de hablar con Olivier dos veces en Haken Gate durante la misión Missing Airliner):
    • Marco, Haken Gate.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Carnelia - Chapter 4

[Human Fodder]
Part 4 of a fictional novel published in Liberl.


Chapter 4 - Human Fodder


Sister Carnelia spoke to me in a tender tone as she sent a wave of immense pain rushing through the whole of my right hand.


'I won't have any trouble with you, now will I, Toby?' she asked.


Far from eyes just brimming with tears, I nodded my head in consent as the salty streams of water ran down my face. Satisfied with my answer, she loosened her grip, and I felt the pain vanish as if it had all been some sort of illusion.

With a wry smile, she further added, 'Don't get me wrong, Toby. I've been sent here to protect you by the Goddess, herself.'


This is what she said while instructing me to keep my eyes focused on what lie beyond the window glass. Yet, there was something about the way she pronounced the last syllable of my name that really rubbed me the wrong way.

Little by little, the line of passengers slowly began to flow out of the train car. Prodded on by Sister Carnelia, I inched forward while keeping my gaze on the platform through the passenger car window. Down the stairs which led to the front ticket gate were the figures of those men from earlier this morning, the three thug-like passengers who had been loitering near the large horse head emblem of tile at the imperial station.


A muffled laugh echoed from her throat as she, too, noticed them. 'Well, isn't this a warm reception party you've got going on.'


Cocking my head, I quietly pleaded, 'Give me back my orbment!'


Sister Carnelia said nothing.


Members of the crew bid us farewell as we stepped through the exit to disembark the train onto the lead-colored platform below. Angrily, I thought to myself, 'Dammit! What's wrong with these fools? Can't they see what's going on?'


I shut my eyes halfway to protect them from the drizzle whipping against my face, and I unhurriedly descended the wet set of stairs, a half pace at a time. Sister Carnelia moved along behind me at precisely the same length of stride. Below, the group of thugs waited expectantly at the bottom of the stairs. Waited for me, no doubt.

Contemplating the rate at which I was going, I ultimately believed it was only a matter of time before I would be handed over to the enigmatic group. I caught sight of their soured faces as the distance between us grew smaller and felt the heat of my left hand tightly gripping my bag grow in intensity until my palm began to sweat profusely. Hitting the midway point on the stairs, Sister Carnelia suddenly whispered in my ear, 'Keep your eyes on the ground, Toby.'

I did as I was told and cast my gaze down upon the tips of my boots, stained to a darker shade by the rainwater. Then, right at the moment I let out my breath, I felt a deep sense of pressure just below my shoulder blades as I was forcefully shoved forward.


Droplets flew from my saturated fingers and my world turned upside-down as I tumbled down the stairs and slammed back first into the group of hoodlums. With a muffled crunch, I felt the painful sensation of my ribs crumple under the weight of my body and then return to normal from their severely compressed state. Two of the seemingly military men who were hit as I toppled down the stairs (like an avalanche unleashed on a a pair of young saplings) absorbed the transfer of force and were thrown into a large puddle collecting on the ground nearby. Shrieks erupted from startled passengers nearby, more shrill than the high-pitched sound of the railway brakes from a decelerating locomotive.


As my world spun wildly about me, I lay there, the chill of the tiles seeping into my back. With a concerted effort I rolled my eyes to the left where my arm remained in an outstretched state.


By some act of the Goddess I had managed to keep my tight five-finger grip on the bag I had been carrying. In an effort to get up, I slid into a prostrate position, keeping my chin in contact with the ground. Making a low visual sweep of the vicinity as if my life depended on it, I noticed the military-like physiques of the men had vanished from view. The only figure I saw standing above me now on the platform, was that of Sister Carnelia. And on her shoulder, as if she were merely hefting a sack of grain, was one of the men.


Turning in the direction where the train sat in its motionless state, she lobbed the unfortunate man down onto a set of empty rail tracks below. By this time, I had risen to one knee while keeping the other planted firmly on the ground in a half-standing position. The world in front of me was still swaying, undulating in my wavering eyesight. My head slowly rocked back and forth with it as the double vision of Sister Carnelia's boots approached me. Then, with a strong grip, she tugged on my hand. For some strange reason or another, when she did this, I failed to notice the unpleasant feeling that her hand wrapped tightly around mine brought.


'Let's go, Toby,' she instructed in an authoritative voice. Nearly dragging me, she pulled me to my feet and before long, we were hightailing it out of there.


The onlookers made quite a commotion as they moved hastily out of the way in a determined attempt not to be caught up in the middle of our flight path. The bag in my left hand swung helplessly, knocking against my thigh. After clearing the ticket gate, Sister Carnelia finally let go of my hand, but a sickening slippery sensation came with it. Looking over at her, I realized that the stomach-churning, slimy feeling on my hand had come from the bright red blood which stained both of hers.


I peered back over my shoulder in the direction of the platform as I continued to run, but the figures of those three men who had been waiting for me at the station were nowhere to be found.

  • Capítulo 1 (Después de hablar con Cecile y Kuwano durante la misión South Block Burglary):
    • Libro, Bose.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Carnelia - Chapter 5

[Emissary of the Sabbath]
Part 5 of a fictional novel published in Liberl.


Chapter 5 - Emissary of the Sabbath


I sat staring at a partially-melted lump of butter on a stack of cold pancakes. Picking up a fork, I poked at them, and after turning the top one over, I daubed the milky yellow substance between the rubbery layers. In doing so, my interest in what sat atop my plate faded to nil.


A hanging lamp dangled overhead, making a sporadic buzzing sound as its honey-colored light flickered, creating jittery shadows and distorting my vision within the inn. The pouring rain outside didn't appear as if it would let up anytime soon, either.


Bringing my face closer to the window, I peered through the film of water flowing down the outside of the glass as I tried make out the dimly lit avenue. Although the station house sat right at the end of the road from where we were lodged, all that was visible was the side of the structure obscured by a shadow which prevented me from being able to see the platform.


'There's nothing to be worried about,' said Sister Carnelia as she returned, wiping her hands with a handkerchief as white as newly driven snow.


Stretching the square strip of cloth out, she sat down and placed it neatly on her lap like a napkin. Then, in a reassuring tone, she added, 'We've seen the last of them for a while.'


Watching the tips of her fingers move as she smoothed out the wrinkles in the piece of fabric resting on her legs, I was hit with a sudden flashback, reviving the awful sight and coppery scent of the sticky blood which had covered those hands not more than a few hours before.


'How can you be so certain?' I asked, still having more than a few reservations.


'Because that's how these types of crime syndicates work,' she replied, clearly seeming to know all the answers.

The waiter came and set a plate in front of Sister Carnelia with a soft clink as the base of the glassy dish tapped lightly against the hard surface of the table. After scooting the meat-laden porcelain plate closer to her, she licked off the sauce now covering the tips of her fingers in an almost sensual way. Sickened by the bloody image already in my mind and now the sauce, I tossed my fork aside and leaned heavily back in my chair.


The city outside began to fade into shades of gray and by the time Sister Carnelia was finished tucking away her steak, it had completely sunk into the darkness of night.


I questioned her again, 'How can you be so certain that no one will come after us?'


Using a piece of black-crusted bread to wipe up the last drops of sauce, she answered, 'Because that's how they function. One unit consists of three people.'


Then, as if remembering something else important, she added, 'That group that was after you. They're a jaeger corps.'

Upon hearing this, I recalled seeing some of those men at the landing port some time ago. Only the most renowned and skilled of mercenary groups have the honor of calling themselves a jaeger corps. Or at least, that's what Micht had told me about them. They were soldiers of fortune who were said to relentlessly follow the flow of mira wherever that happened to lead, and they would stop at nothing to get at it, even if it meant spilling blood.


'War hawks, mercenaries without borders, and a group never to get involved with,' is what Micht often had a habit of saying about them.


Instinctively, I slid my foot forward and checked the location of my bag with the tip of it.


'It's quite simple, really,' Sister Carnelia explained as she reached for her dessert. 'You, Toby, are carrying something that's apparently got a lot of people on edge. And someone's hired a jaeger corps to take you out.'


'But it's not me they're after. It's what I'm carrying.'


'It's all the same,' she retorted as she gulped down her cup of tea in a single breath.


'They're going to kill the courier before they even think about searching the contents of his bag. A butcher kills a cow before someone grills the steak, not the other way around.'


Lecturing me all the while, Sister Carnelia took a glossy tallow-handled knife in hand and sliced into her apple pie. The powdered sugar sprinkled on the flaky crust danced under the golden light.


I felt a stabbing pain of guilt race through me, just above my gut. Unexpectedly, I began to think about what Micht could be doing at the moment, but my short period of rumination was cut short when I saw Sister Carnelia's hand stop cold.


Glaring into the darkness, eyes focused and intent like a hunting dog's, she tossed something shiny onto the table and eventually rose to her feet.


There it was, my orbment.


'Where are you going?'


Without pausing to answer my question, Sister Carnelia expeditiously fastened the buckle of her coat.


'You've got good taste, Toby.'


One at a time she set her heels on the chair and tightened her boot laces.


'Using the full capabilities of that orbment is no small feat. I think even most bracers would be in for a real surprise if push came to shove with you in the ring.'


Growing ever more impatient, I asked again, 'So where is it exactly that you're going?'


'That's none of your concern,' came the answer. 'Suffice it to say, I will be seeing you again on the morrow.' And with that, Sister Carnelia disappeared through the door of the women's restroom.


As if exchanging places, two other men entered the restaurant. They walked directly to the table at which I sat and stood before me.


Flashing the emblem on his chest and without making any sort of eye contact, one of the men said, 'We're with the Bracer Guild. I apologize for disturbing you in the middle of your evening meal, but you'll need to come with us.'

  • Capítulo 2 (Después de completar la misión Festival Help):
    • Matilda, Ruan.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Carnelia - Chapter 6

[Ascertaining the Inner Workings]
Part 6 of a fictional novel published in Liberl.


Chapter 6 - Ascertaining the Inner Workings


My orbment, emptied bag and package wrapped in old magazine paper were laid out neatly on the table in front of me. The bracer sitting opposite me gazed alternately at my face and the items on the table as if trying to gauge my reaction to them. Constantly rubbing his chin between his fingers, it appeared to me as though he were making an effort to display his right hand, snugly fit within a leather gauntlet.


I had been led to the second floor of the lodge by the two men, and then, after they had painstakingly checked the layout of the floor, I was taken to the farthest room from the stairs. It occurred to me that the reason for the use of the makeshift space was due to there being no guild branch nearby.


The first man to sit in front of me was the lanky one. He told me his name, but I soon forgot which one was Clayton and which one was Pavel. About the time I had finished being frisked, the bracer wearing the gauntlets, Clayton or Pavel, whoever it was, returned and whispered something in his partner's ear. It seemed as though they were trying to locate Sister Carnelia, but having no luck.


After much probing on the subject of her and the jaeger corps, and after relating everything I had heard from her on the train, I turned the conversation around and, playing the role of the victim, inquired into her past history. (Though strictly speaking, I guess I was, in fact, a victim.)


'Her name is Selnate. Ein Selnate,' read aloud the lanky bracer from a pocket book he held just below eye level. 'Originally a constituent member of a jaeger corps, her present affiliation and activities are unknown.'


'In short,' added his partner pompously, 'she's not the type of person any upstanding citizen should be getting involved with.'


He reached out his gauntlet-clad hand and picked up the object bundled in scrap paper. Checking my reaction all the while, he unwrapped the paper, laying it out flat in the center of the table. Its contents turned out to be a lump of metal ingrained with a sort of clay-like substance.


I blurted out, 'I was on my way to a research institute with the item when everything happened,' and then threw in the address of some non-existent client for good measure.


The bracers took notes, making sure not to leave out any of the details of our conversation. Then, to dispel any lingering suspicions, I agreed to stay with them under their watchful eyes for the night.


The next day, I also found myself inclined to go along with them to the nearest guild branch in order to file a report about the events that happened back at the station, but I had no qualms over the matter. My greatest concern at the moment, after all, was not running into any more trouble.


I awoke as the sun came up over the horizon and day broke. With the advent of a peaceful morning, I sat up in bed and breathed a sigh of relief. The bracers who had stood guard the previous night were no longer present in the room, but the sound of their voices could be heard echoing out in the hallway beyond the closed door.


Slipping my arms through the sleeves of my jacket, I felt a sharp pain in my right elbow which brought back vivid memories of the woman from the day before.


Suddenly, a feeling of uneasiness came over me and still half-undressed, I began adjusting my orbment. After opening its back cover, I used a thin piece of tanned doeskin and started plucking out the quartz installed in each slot. It didn't take but five minutes to insert them each into different slots and rearrange their configuration with a set of light magic as my base. One by one, I replaced each screw until finally the metallic panel was back in place, and as a feeling of calmness set in, I rolled back over in bed.


It was at that time that a tall woman appearing to be a maid opened the door carrying a basin of hot water for the sink, with which guests could shave and wash their faces. After placing the small steaming tub on the table, the woman went quietly about her daily task of removing the bed linen.


Finding myself shooed from my own bed, I reluctantly headed toward the basin when just beyond the open door, I caught sight of two shadows cutting across the hallway in succession.


'They're here,' I heard myself mutter as the low tone of my suppressed voice reached my ears.


With only a bar of soap in hand, I remained unbelievably calm as I quickly shut and bolted the door. Then, pondering my next move, I stood still with my back pressed up against the wall.


On the other side of the hardened clay wall, the brief clamor of fighting ensued. Fumbling with the chain attached to my hip pocket I grabbed hold of the orbment I had adjusted just barely moments before.


It was two bracers versus the two others I had seen moments ago. Throwing myself into the mix with the two men from the guild would definitely put us at an advantage from a numbers standpoint. However, when I turned again to face the door, the voice of self-doubt came percolating through my closed lips in the form of a distant mutter.

'There were only two of them?' I murmured to myself.


If Sister Carnelia's words were to be believed, then one unit consisted of three people, not two. Again, I questioned myself inwardly, 'Then where's the third?'


The hair on the back of my neck stood on end as I realized my plight.


Something swung down over the top of my head, catching me around the neck, and the next instant I was flung to the ground. From the corner of my blurred and spotty vision came the inexplicable view of a woman with demonic bloodshot eyes standing over me, trying to wrench the very life out of me with every twist of the sheet she had wrapped tightly around my throat.


Clutching my orbment in hand, I activated it and fired off a burst of magic while lying half-asphyxiated on the wooden planks of the room floor. The destructive vortex of compressed air sliced deeply into my hip, but at the same time, caused the woman to double over before forcefully blowing her to another part of the room. Shreds of whirling linen flecked and sprayed with fresh blood blasted out through a gaping hole in the wall where a closed window once stood, leaving nothing behind but shards of broken glass and a frame rent beyond all repair.

  • Captíulo 3 (Antes de dejar Ruan):
    • Purity, Jenis Royal Academy.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Carnelia - Chapter 7

[The Death of a Friend]
Part 7 of a fictional novel published in Liberl.


Chapter 7 - The Death of a Friend


Wheezing, I breathed in, the sound high and whistling as the air fought to make it through my constricted windpipe. Still clutching tightly to my orbment, I unwound the sheets from my throat. Utterly exhausted, I tilted my head on its side and watched with reddened eyes as a small stream of saliva dribbled down over the edge of my mouth and pooled onto the floor. When fresh air finally made its way into my lungs it initially choked me nearly as badly as the sheet had.


A thump from somewhere behind startled me from my fit. The Jaeger demoness, like a spring-loaded doll, leaped up from the floor of the room. The single shot of magic I had previously landed in her gut should have done the trick, but the fluid way she moved about made it appear as if she were unfazed by the blast.


Within arm's reach of where I had subconsciously curled myself came the splintering sound of unseasoned wood being hewn down by a giant woodcutter's axe. In the following instant, Sister Carnelia came flying through a newly opened hole in the timber door, her entry punctuated by a cloud of splinters. Her arms as pliant as whips, she passed by the female Jaeger in a lightning quick motion, and with a turning assault, clocked her opponent full tilt in the face. The woman spun with the force of the blow and fell with a tumultuous thud, her head cracking hard against the floor. Like a prima ballerina, Sister Carnelia raised her knee high until she had it tucked securely up against her sternum. She stared down at the outstretched figure on the floor. Muscles flexed and without an ounce of mercy, Sister Carnelia let her judgment fall with the heel of her boot stomping down and crushing the wretched woman's throat.


As I witnessed the grotesque and unsightly scene, Sister Carnelia gave a quick glance in my direction, and beckoned me on. Then, with a nimble hop into the unknown before her, she cleared the broken window frame and lighted to the ground below. Quickly scraping my belongings together, I made after her in the same manner as she had left: out the window with a two-story drop to the cobblestone side road below. Waiting close-by and helping to break my less than elegant fall, Sister Carnelia led me on as we took flight along the avenue, brightly lit by the morning sun.

A deafening blare from an orbal engine's whistle indicated that the first train was about to depart. Sister Carnelia immediately pulled a ticket from out of her coat pocket and held it out to me from the side. Reaching for the fluttering strip of paper between her fingers, I realized that I was still carrying the bar of soap from before so I chucked it, not caring where it landed or who it might hit.


Aboard the train, the smoggy haze from the incessant smoking of the nattering gentlemen had permeated into every nook and cranny of the passenger car. There was also the smell of newly printed publications and the occasional sound of someone clearing their throat. It felt rather awkward to have boarded a train bound for the Imperial city with my bag still in hand.


'Do you know what your problem is, Toby?' Sister Carnelia remarked. 'You're just like that orbment of yours.'


Using her white handkerchief, she stanched the flow of blood from my leg which had been lacerated by the spinning aeroblades of the magic.


'Once you get yourself into trouble, you keep digging yourself in deeper until someone comes along with a billy club and whacks some good sense into you.'


Placing a folded magazine on my lap, she tapped on it with the nail tip of her index finger, indicating that I should read what was inside. It was a copy of the Imperial Chronicle which had been published just that morning. A several-lined article, buried pages behind more titillating news, told of the suspicious death of one orbal factory owner somewhere within the capital. This was the first time I had ever become aware of Micht's real age.


Sister Carnelia continued her lecture as she mercilessly upbraided me for my reckless behavior.


'You missed being caught up in all of this by a hair's breadth,' she informed me coolly.


At a loss for words over the shock of Micht's death, I put the magazine away in my trench coat pocket.


'Another five minutes in that shop and you would have gone to meet your maker, too.'


I shook my head and with trembling lips, let my thoughts fumble out of my mouth. 'I just don't get it. Why did Micht have to die?' Images of Micht's cold body behind the counter alternated in my mind with that of the lump of metal wrapped in scrap paper.


'Just what the hell had I been carrying all this time, and why did anyone have to die over it?' I pondered at length.

Sister Carnelia met my eyes and held them. 'Because it's an artifact,' she said simply.


'An artifact?' I scoffed as I blew off her answer. 'It's not like I haven't carried a bunch of them before.'


Artifacts, in short, were the remaining legacy of an ancient civilization and the generic term for any unidentifiable mechanism which resembled that of an orbment.


I had spent my days as a courier smuggling any number of those items under the false pretense that the goods I was carrying were nothing more than rare antiques, and readily placed them in the hands of those aristocrats, amongst whom they were especially in vogue. And for the most part, my current possession appeared as though it belonged in the same group as the others. Personally, I could find no other value in the collecting of these artifacts besides the indulgence of oneself in a decadent hobby.


Chiding me as if I were a clueless child, Sister Carnelia rebuked, 'You're wrong, Toby. This one's much different than the others.' After a moment's pause, she added, 'It's alive.'


Unable to grasp what she had meant, I looked at her with a questioning expression on my face.


Sister Carnelia tried again. 'What I'm trying to tell you, is that it still works. Although, I'm not really sure what kind of power it actually has. It was unearthed during an excavation within the Empire's territory about thirty years ago...'

Sister Carnelia's subsequent story about the peculiar lump of metal told of the dark history surrounding a group of aristocrats who relentlessly sought after it. The artifact itself had transitioned from hand to hand by those in power, as one after another, they were murdered while slumbering in their bedchambers. Then, at the end of the Hundred Days War, its whereabouts were said to have been lost.


'And strangely enough, it finally turned up in the capital after all this time,' she said, finishing up the account.


An announcement chimed in the passenger car notifying those riding of the scheduled time of arrival. Sister Carnelia uncrossed and recrossed her long legs.


'The one who is after that artifact hired that jaeger corps to bring it to them, whatever the cost. So as a result, I was dispatched by the church in order to protect both you and it from falling into their hands.'


I sat staring down at the bag resting next to my feet as we approached our destination, and the moving train quietly began to lose speed.

  • Capítulo 3 (Después de hablar con Professor Alba durante la misión Factory Incident):
    • Bruno, Wolf Fort.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Carnelia - Chapter 8

[In the Bowels of the Imperial City]
Part 8 of a fictional novel published in Liberl.


Chapter 8 - In the Bowels of the Imperial City


Moving purposefully through the crowd, we made our way between the rows of seats. Each time the swinging bag in hand struck the side of my knee, I became keenly aware of its presence. It was an unnerving feeling, quite like I had unintentionally brushed up against someone in an offensive way. Furthermore, it was nearly inconceivable to my mind that the ancient relic the jaeger corps were pursuing with such a frenzy was sitting right here inside the stitched cloth of this cheap hand bag.


What a fool Micht had been. Hadn't he known the burden this object would bring would be one far more weighty than the both of us could have ever hoped to bear?


I squeezed my eyes shut against the thoughts flying around my mind and addressed Sister Carnelia, who followed closely behind me. 'Will we be making a break for the cathedral once we get off?'


'Yes, that was the plan,' she answered, scanning the scene outside the window of the passenger car. 'I think that's the only option we've got if you want to make it through this day alive.'


The station where the train was set to arrive was unremittingly crowded with countless droves of passengers. And as usual, the sky was slightly overcast. Everyone outside on the platform stood shivering in silence with their collars drawn up to their ears, huddling close to one another for warmth, like a flock of waterfowl out on the tidelands in mid-winter.


'Don't worry, I won't be tossing you down a flight of stairs this time, Toby,' jested Sister Carnelia. 'Although, if there were two more of you at my disposal, I might have decided otherwise,' she added.


Evidently, the numbers in our welcome party this time had seen a rather dramatic increase.


'The odds don't appear to be in our favor,' she said in a low voice, her warm breath tickling the lobe of my ear. 'We won't be able to leave through the ticket gate.'


As soon as we stepped off the train, we stealthily moved to the opposite end of the platform, and after sneaking out a large door for only authorized station personnel, we jumped down onto the path of railroad ties and steel rails below. The biting cold wind of the capital swept freely across the unobstructed railroad tracks, causing me to shudder as it ruffled our coats with its chilly touch. Slipping between the couplers of a pair of freight cars, we moved cautiously along their edge, sticking close to the shadows. Over on the cargo platform, workers were busy unloading containers.


For someone who had his mind set on becoming a dealer of pilfered goods, gaining illicit entry into the station house would be one of the first of all basics. Showing my ticket I spoke politely to one of the workers. Then, with a scenario picked out in my head, I sold it to him as I played the part of a manager here on business with a celebrity of notable repute. Midway through our conversation, I introduced Sister Carnelia, who did her best to show the man a glamorous smile and feminine pose. I had possibly gone a bit overboard when I stated that she was an opera singer, because the way that she carried herself made her look more akin to a low-wage sell-song in a bar of drunkards. Yet, in spite of it all, the worker graciously let us through.


'You're so good at that it's almost scary, Toby,' Sister Carnelia said as we raced through the station's warehouse sector. 'You should seriously consider doing another job,' she went on.


'I bet you're going to tell me to join the Bracer Guild, right? Come on, those guys would turn me down in a heartbeat,' I said as I laughed off the thought. Then, throwing the idea back in her court I asked, 'So how about yourself? Why don't you join the Bracer Guild?'


Reaching the end of the warehouse sector, we came to a stop in front of a large chain-link fence. Sister Carnelia crouched down, and while sliding a drainage cover to the side, laughed at my previous question as if it were insane.

'Are you kidding?' she asked. 'They'd gun me down the second I set foot into one of their branches.'


The winding, narrow stone tunnels like the one we were in ran everywhere beneath the capital. We crawled along as the light shining down through the drainage grates on the side of the large road above us illuminated the way like a trail of flickering orbal lampposts. The feet of those walking along the avenue passed right by where we were, but not a single person noticed us scraping our way along below them. And for some strange reason or another, the world just beyond the thin flagstone-paved road appeared so dazzling in my eyes. Yet, the Jaeger Corps, loss of the artifact in hand, and a senseless, sudden death; all of which had never crossed my mind before; lay in wait for me dared I to venture into the open world above.


As we pressed on, I began to think that the small round tunnel which we were crawling through would run on forever, when finally it merged with a high-ceilinged sewer surrounded by walls of countless blocks of chiseled stone.


'We'll go through here and make our way over to where the cathedral is located,' Sister Carnelia insisted. Raising one brow, she pointed her finger upward. 'It's a lot safer down here than it is up there.'


'That's fine and all, but what are we going to do if it gets attacked?'


Sister Carnelia grabbed my hand, and with that, stepped into the muddy darkness beyond. 'Don't worry, Toby,' she reassured me. 'Faith isn't the only thing supporting the church.'

  • Capítulo Final (Antes de dejar Zeiss):
    • Private Orta, Air-Letten.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Carnelia - Chapter 9

Part 9 of a fictional novel published in Liberl.


Chapter 9 - Carnelia


The flicker of dying orbal lamps mounted at equidistant lengths along the sewer walls sent thin streaks of light across the surface of the rippling flow of filthy sewage. Passing in front of these one by one, Sister Carnelia sped down the stone sidewalk as the sound of her body cutting through the racing tunnel winds trailed out behind her. Panting and out of breath, I continued to move my feet toward the darkness which lay before me as I chased after Sister Carnelia's flickering shadow.


Wayworn, yet without a moment of repose, we headed unrelentingly with our sights set on the cathedral of the Septian Church. We moved swiftly across the moss-covered stone pavement, the clacking of our heels echoing in the dimly lit underground.


Above ground, the walking distance on the city roads from the railway station to the cathedral was about three blocks. If we made our way up through the drainage ditch just beyond the sluice gate, we would find ourselves in the public square outside the massive sanctuary.


Up ahead, the light of another orbal lamp came into view. Turning her head in my direction and without a word, Sister Carnelia extended her right hand outward in a wide motion indicating that we would be turning that way at the next corner. Then, as if preparing for something she rolled both shoulders in a grinding motion and relieved the last of her tension with a pop of the neck. It seemed to me as though she knew all too well what was lurking within the tenebrous conduit ahead.


Under the unsteady and sporadic coruscation of light, the body of Sister Carnelia surged around the corner and disappeared from view. One, two, three went the walloping echoes, followed by the sound of something being rolled into the channel of filthy sludge. As I turned the corner, the first things which leapt into my sight were the contorted figures of two men on the ground whom I barely missed treading on. Sister Carnelia, who was by this time several steps ahead, continued to run at her usual pace as if nothing had happened during the preceding seconds.

'It's Carnelia!' came an angry (but noticeably wavering) voice from behind.


I glanced to my rear to locate its source, and there I found a man who had dragged himself from the fecal-filled liquid, now lying next to his dead comrades, yelling with his dying breath as blood leaked out of his open mouth.

'Carnelia, she's down here!' he managed to croak before falling silent and still. Sister Carnelia paid no attention nor made any effort to look back. I turned my face forward and followed her example.


The walls of the conduit leading directly to the sluice gate squared out into an ominous mouth of darkness, seemingly waiting for its next unsuspecting meal. Sister Carnelia gradually slowed her pace to match mine as I had by this time become completely exhausted and out of breath.


'It looks like these guys are dead serious about getting their hands on that item this time,' she said as she focused her eyes on the darkness before us.


'So were those men old friends of yours or something?' I inquired.


Sister Carnelia turned to face me with her darkened scarlet eyes. 'Is that what you heard from those bracers the other day?' she asked. I nodded my head and questioned her no further. With head slightly turned down I forced myself onward, eyes fixed on tips of my boots.


Unexpectedly, Sister Carnelia opened her mouth and said, 'Do you remember that woman you had a run-in with back at the inn?' I nodded slightly.


'The whole reason I gave up my life as a mercenary is because I didn't want to meet a tragic end like that,' she continued. 'A life of no meaning. Forgotten by all...'


I looked up at Sister Carnelia, and seeing a slight show of emotion in the side of her face, heard her repeat the same line of words a few times more before finishing her thought.


'If I'm going to cash in my life's chips, then I think it's best that I fight for something worth fighting for. At least that way, I'd be able to leave a legacy of my existence behind.'


Taking in her words, I ran steadily beside her as I felt a sense of nondescript apprehension slowly begin to creep over me. During the short intervals between breaths, it suddenly seemed as if I were hearing the faint sound of sloshing water from behind which caused me to prick up my ears and turn my head in its direction.


'So you noticed it too, huh, Toby?' Sister Carnelia slowed her step until finally coming to a complete stop. 'They've blockaded us from behind, so there's no turning back now,' she said, the direness of our situation heavy in her voice.

We had arrived at an intersection where the conduit we were in and another crossed paths and just beyond the wide, fetid flow of sewage water before us, I could see the dimly lit sluice gate. I placed my back against the damp bricks of the nearest wall and for a moment, tried to catch my breath.


'They're probably lying in wait for us,' Sister Carnelia assessed stolidly after glaring across the flowing sewage of the merged channels and then turning her head to the rear and narrowing her eyes again. 'And, unfortunately this time, we won't be able to circumvent them.'


With a sound of composure revealing her utmost resolve, Sister Carnelia took in a few deep breaths. I laid hand on my orbment, gripping it in the palm of my sweaty hand, and then wrapped the strap of my bag securely around my opposite wrist. And as always, Sister Carnelia checked her boots before standing upright. Then, taking a few steps back and holding my breath, I raced forward and darted into the stygian flow of waste.

  • Capítulo Final (Después de entrar en Grancel):
    • Private Selbourne, Gurune Gate.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Carnelia - Chapter 10

[The Last Stand]
Part 10 of a fictional novel published in Liberl.


Chapter 10 - The Last Stand

Sister Carnelia made such haste as she aimed for the path on the opposite side of the sludge-filled channel that I could have sworn she was actually running on the liquid's surface, based on my observation of the minuscule spatters her feet produced. And of course, she passed me by in the blink of an eye, the space growing wider and wider between us as I continued to trudge my way through the filthy muck.


Flashes of magic erupted from the darkness by the sluice gate and ripped through the air in rapid succession, but none of them could overtake the speed at which Sister Carnelia moved. In an unyielding offensive by the shadowed aggressors, the settled feculence in the depths of the channel was thrown up in the form of a powerful tsunami, and in the instant before clearing myself from its destructive path, I feared that the terrible wall of sedimented filth would crush me under its weight and bring me to an unsightly end.


With a mid-air spin to avoid the last of the oncoming magic, Sister Carnelia flew to the opposite side of the channel with incredible speed. Hurdling the wall of piled-up sandbags behind which the attackers took cover, she whirled her arms in a ferocious onslaught. One by one, like a row of pins being struck by a weighted object, the line of standing Jaegers crumbled to the ground.


Sister Carnelia's attacks were like a whirlwind of death, blurry with the speed at which they struck. They came in advancing at inconceivable angles, puncturing throats, slashing open arteries, and then they were gone. So it was that when I finally reached the cobbled path beyond the stagnant channel, not a soul was left standing besides Sister Carnelia and myself.


'The cathedral is at the end of a ladder just beyond this gate,' she indicated as she flicked dripping blood from her fingers like a child who forgot a handkerchief to dry her wet hands. Her eyes shone with the afterglow of battle. 'The Jaegers can't be far behind, so we'd better hurry,' she warned. And as if to punctuate her warning, the damp sound of numerous feet kicking up water as they advanced toward our present location had now become clearly audible to my ears.


Stepping over the handful of Jaeger corpses lying scattered about behind the wall of sandbags, we made our way for the dry-bed channel which lay ahead of us. I placed my hands on the slightly damp stone floor of the empty channel and crawled through the half-open door of the sluice gate. A falling water droplet struck the nape of my neck as I passed through the cramped opening, causing me to stop dead in my tracks. In the moment that followed I recognized the sound of an orbment overhead on the verge of discharging a burst of magic.


'Toby!' came the ostensible voice of Sister Carnelia as my vision was instantly flooded with a wave of exceeding brightness. Then, in the midst of this world of blinding light, came the hand of a savior which grabbed me firmly by the shoulder. The powerful feeling of being dragged and the explosion produced by magic rupturing stone were almost simultaneous.


As the booming roar swept across the whole of my body, I was thrown backwards toward the ground. Despite my clouded vision, I managed to somersault before landing in the prone position.


Choking on the filthy puddle I had fallen face down in, I lifted my head in time to see a cloud of blackened dust being heaved from the mouth of the halfway-raised sluice gate door. And as if my worst nightmare had now become reality, I watched as one after another, the blockading Jaegers emerged from the smoky cloud, each bearing a glinting blade.

I floundered about on the slippery mud and watched as their ranks sprang into action and closed in, their rugged facial features now visible to my eyes. Instantly rolling to the side, I unsheathed my hidden blade as I attempted to deflect a wide-arching slash of another with my bag. The cloth of the bag, over which the sharp edge ran, split open without a sound, and the paper-wrapped orbment fell onto the cobbled floor.


Frantically, I searched for the orbment at my side, but I was unable to get a grip on it because of my clumsy, panic-stricken state. One of the mercenary men, his eyes intent on my throat, drew back his long sword to end my life. But before he could make his move, a dark silhouette appeared from behind him.


It was Sister Carnelia.


Her hands, moving with such finesse, disarmed the man in an instant, and left only his sword behind before he was launched from view into the hanging shadows veiling the dank conduit. As the sound of the falling sword struck the ground with a high-pitched clink, Sister Carnelia dropped to her knees. Her soft, whispered words were full of regret.

'I'm sorry, Toby.'


With her head bowed forward, I watched in disbelief as several streaks of blood began to run down the side of her face.


'It looks like the Goddess may be calling you home, too,' she said gently.


Once again, Sister Carnelia rose to her feet, her coat hanging in tatters. Eyeing her outer garment's ragged state, I knew for certain that it had been caused by the previous blast of magic. In order to protect me from harm, Sister Carnelia had willingly used her body as a shield to absorb the brunt of the force. And now, a stain of effervescing crimson blood had begun to seep through the cloth covering her breast.


I swiped up the artifact which had tumbled to the ground from the hole in my severed bag and tore away the wet paper which covered its surface. Then, with the cold lump of metal in hand, I placed it atop my orbment as I gripped them both tightly together.


The sound of footfall from the jaeger corps had by now subsided. They stood in a cluster with their swords drawn, effectively blocking any possible escape through the sluice gate. Sister Carnelia let out a shrill cry and I, as if taking the sound to be a command to attack, unleashed the energy pent up within my orbment.


The device roared, and at the instant the magic was discharged, I felt an intense wave of searing heat graze over my cheeks as my entire body was immediately blown backwards by its powerful force. Stunned, I collapsed onto the floor.


When I finally forced open my eyes, I could see Sister Carnelia standing above me with her back turned to face me. Her right arm had lost all strength to function and hung limply at her side. Dazedly, she slid to her knees and slumped onto the ground before me.


I pulled Sister Carnelia close to myself and hugging her tightly, blasted the pack of assailing mercenaries with an instantaneous wave of magic. But then it was all over, my last stand ending as soon as it had begun.


Countless razor-sharp sword tips stared down at us from all sides. Convinced that I had finally reached my life's terminus, I raised my right hand and while placing a false hope in my orbment that it could somehow protect us, I activated it, the last of its energy being consumed as it was drained to empty. Whirling aeroblades spun around us as I closed my eyes and accepted my fate. And behind my darkened eyelids, an endless realm of whiteness began to spread out before me.

  • Capítulo Final (Durante la sección de noche en la misión To Queen Alicia):
    • Ralph, City of Grancel Landing Port.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Carnelia - Finale

[A Legacy Never to be Forgotten]
The finale of a fictional novel published in Liberl.


Finale - A Legacy Never to be Forgotten


I was swallowed by the light only to be spewed moments later onto a patch of hardened ground. The air was filled with the scent of sun-baked earth. Yet, for being the floor of some grandiose, heavenly estate inherited by those in the afterlife, it felt quite like the flagstones I had grown accustomed to in my past life.


Upon feeling around in my immediate surroundings, my searching hand found soft locks of disheveled hair. It seemed as though Sister Carnelia had come as well as I to meet our creator firsthand.


Gradually, as I lay there, I felt something warm swell within the pit of my stomach. Weary and spent I just let the feeling spread over me. It was at about this time that the sound of murmurous voices started to fill the air around us. Warm breath tickled across my nose and brow, letting me know that I was being stared at directly in the face.

As my eyes adjusted to the intensity of the light, I realized that I was looking into the face of a young girl who beamed back at me brightly with the widest of smiles. However, she seemed a bit young to hold the esteemed position of the Goddess.


The knell of a bell overhead rang out loud and clear. Strangely, it had sounded exactly like the cathedral's distinctive toll. Taking in this series of events to be rather odd, I picked myself up, and at last, awakened from the dream which had temporarily invaded my senses.


There it was, the familiar cityscape, the sounds, and even the scent of the breeze. I knew the place by heart. It was the public square of the Imperial city which unfolded before the great cathedral of the Septian Church.


I opened the fingers of my right hand and stared down at the metallic lump in its palm, entrusted to me by Micht. Golden filaments of light swirled across the surface of the artifact. I instantly recalled Sister Carnelia's words. 'It's alive,' she had said. And as I watched the ancient light gradually fade away before closing my hand around its surface once more, I believed it.


Supporting each other by wrapping our arms around one another's shoulders, Sister Carnelia and I hobbled and limped our way toward the magnificent cathedral as the awe-inspiring figure of the Goddess, Aidios, stood silently with unfurled wings, watching over us from the deep-hued stained-glass window above. And as for the events which followed, they were all settled in an orderly fashion.


The metallic lump which Sister Carnelia had so daringly risked her life for was turned over to His Eminence, the cardinal, who presided over the cathedral. He disappeared with it through the thick open door of a sacred vault.

The level of corruption which had spread like a plague among members of the Imperial court, influential aristocrats and even commissioned officers in the Imperial Army astonished even those mediators acting on behalf of the Bracer Guild.


I stayed close by Sister Carnelia as she was laid out on a pew within the chapel of the cathedral. The real sisters of the church delicately pulled off her coat and cut open her vest, now stuck to her body with dried blood. Upon doing so, they found an ornate shirt of chain mail just beneath the layer of her clothing, which for some strange reason seemed to bewilder them all.


The next day a certain aristocrat, who had hired the jaeger corps to carry out his selfish bidding, agreed to relinquish the artifacts in his possession in return for keeping his estate. Hence, his collection of forbidden antiques were brought under the safekeeping of the Septian Church.


Sworn to secrecy, I made immediate arrangements to take leave for the Calvard Republic. My destination: a high-class resort, which turned out to be an excellent way to recover physically and mentally, as well as forget about the series of events which had occurred over the past few days. Naturally, the bracers assigned to provide my escort were none other than Clayton and Pavel, who before we left, guided me without a word to where Sister Carnelia was resting.

I talked with Sister Carnelia, who had awoken for a short interval, but as I got up to leave she reached out her dainty hand and said to me, 'Before you go, I want to tell you my real name. It's Ein. Ein Selnate.' I took her unblemished hand in mine and gripped it firmly as I expressed my appreciation for what she had done.


And today, now three years later -- I stood staring at her name once again, but this time, printed on a page of the Imperial Chronicle.


'Ein Selnate.'


Below those printed characters ran the few lines of an unembellished article.


'Yesterday, a corpse was discovered in an urban area of the capital just before dawn. The body was found to be covered with multiple stab wounds. -- The departed, in life, had been involved in charitable work and brought salvation to many afflicted souls in various regions throughout the land.'


As I read the last line, I envisioned the deceased figure of Sister Carnelia lying motionless upon a darkened street. Yet, despite the blood-stained face I envisioned in my mind, I saw her as she rested in peace, a gentle smile crossing her face, and vindicated of any transgressions in life.


As I rolled up the copy of the magazine in hand, I brushed my hand lightly across the shining bracer emblem pinned on my chest. Almost two years had passed since I converted to my new line of work, which Sister Carnelia had so graciously recommended to me. And finally, I had even become used to using my real name.


'Toby,' came the whisper of Sister Carnelia as it resurrected in my ears.


Now only known as Toby, I pressed my forehead up against the cold, clouded window of the passenger car, the refulgent eyes of Sister Carnelia shining brightly like a carnelian stone, forever ingrained in my memory. In my mind's eye I watched as her coat sleeves trailed out behind her and she dashed away into the darkness of my memories.


Opening my eyes, I gazed out through the window glass. And there, I saw the bleeding rouge-colored illumination of the Imperial City, as it faded away beneath the heavy white fog.



  • Capítulo Final (Antes de la final de la competición de artes marciales durante la misión To Queen Alicia):
    • Anton, City of Grancel. Marsha debe pasear delante de Anton tres veces para poder obtener el libro. Un corazón aparecerá en la cabeza de Anton que nos indica una vuelta completada. Marsha se parará delante de él la tercera vez, y tendremos que hablar con él para que continúe andando.


trails_in_the_sky_libro.png I'm a Bracer


I'm a bracer.


I live in a small rural town and maintaining peace in the region is what my job is all about.


Today, I received some job requests from a few clients, so I set off for where duty called. My first job was to milk some cows on the farm nearby. The next was to help turn over some fields.


Who was anyone kidding? That kind of job was a cinch when it came to my skill with a pitchfork.


For my last job of the day, I was to baby-sit. At first I thought watching a bunch of kids would be easy. But it turned out that I was wrong, dead wrong.


To my dismay, there were seven whiny kids in the house. Even for a professional like myself, seven kids are a bit much. But I am a Bracer, and I will do my duty.


I got to work and cradled the ones who wouldn't stop crying, changed their messy diapers, broke up fights over toys, and even managed to do a ton of small jobs around my client's house, like washing the laundry, cleaning up, and taking their dog for a walk. Even when I got hungry and felt like I had no more energy to go on, I didn't forget my duty to report to the guild. If I gave up, what a loser I'd be in front of everyone.


After going through all this and arriving at the guild, the other bracers in the office stared at me in amazement.


That's right, you guessed it. I'm famous for being a bracer in this town. Other bracers paying attention to me like this is what I have to deal with everyday. They're probably all just jealous of my superior skills.


Anyway, where were we?


Okay, I remember now.


So I was on my way to report to the receptionist when suddenly somebody grabbed me by the collar from behind. Turning around, I realized that it was someone more scary than any monster alive.


It was my dad.


After thwacking me a good one on the head, he yelled so loud that everyone could hear.


'So you think you can just run off and play bracer everyday, without ever bothering to help your mother out around the house, huh?!'


After that, my dad dragged me all the way home and then lectured me until who knows when.


I didn't do anything wrong either!


Seriously, what the heck?!


I'm a self-appointed bracer.


Today, I'm off again to maintain peace in the region and solve whatever problems need solving at the request of my clients.

  • Prólogo:
    • Escritorio de Maggy, Rolent.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png The Hundred Days War

A book about the hidden truth behind the Hundred Days War campaign.


[The Hundred Days War]


<Outbreak of War>

In spring, 1192 of the Septian Calendar, a single cannon-shot shook the Haken Gate, situated in the northern part of the Liberl Kingdom. This marked the beginning of an invasion later known as the Hundred Days War, and the moment in which the raging golden stallion assailed the noble white falcon.


During this time, the Haken Gate was little more than a reinforced medieval rampart. It easily succumbed to the round fired by one of the Empire's Reinford Company-built orbal tanks, leaving a section of the aged barrier fractured beyond repair.


And as the Liberl Kingdom's other defensive walls were hit in succession by a fusillade of cannonballs, they too fell under the explosive impact and were reduced to a mountain of rubble.


<Declaration of War>

At about the same time that the first cannon-shot was fired, a single letter from the Erebonian embassy located in the Royal City was delivered to Queen Alicia. More specifically, it was a writ containing a declaration of war by the Erebonian Empire upon the Liberl Kingdom.


In terms of diplomatic wisdom, the propriety of the declaration was established by being handled prior to the preemptive strike, but in this instance, there was hardly a difference in time between when the two occurred. In short, firing the first shot at the exact moment war was declared on the Liberl Kingdom made it possible for the Erebonian Empire to guise their preemptive strike as one of legitimacy when the first bombshell hit. This could be referred to as a new diplomatic war tactic, though one incapable of being employed without a meticulous level of planning used in concert with an orbal communication system.


<Blitz Tactics>

After the destruction of the Haken Gate, the Imperial Army began its invasion of Liberl in earnest. Overall its troop strength was made up of thirteen divisional units. This proved to be roughly half of the Empire's entire military force, and was such a massive deployment that it exceeded three times that of Liberl's entire Royal Army.


Within a month after the outbreak of war, the Imperial Army had occupied nearly all of the Liberl territory. Only the Grancel region and Leiston Fortress, situated just off the shore of Valleria Lake, remained in opposition. So rapidly were these blitz tactics carried out that even the Calvard Republic, an ally of the Liberl Kingdom and long-time rival of the Erebonian Empire, never had the opportunity to dispatch auxiliary forces to aid its partner.


However, in a following attempt by the Imperial Army to take direct control over the Zeiss Central Factory and Malga Mine, they instead found themselves on the verge of being forced to surrender to Queen Alicia, who remained entrenched within the Royal City.


<Staging a Counterattack>

Two months following the outbreak of war, the battle situation was altered in a way which no one could have previously anticipated.


Unbeknownst to the Erebonian army, three patrol ships were quietly being developed behind the walls of Leiston Fortress. Upon completion, they were put under the direction of veteran commander, General Morgan, and a large scale counterattack was launched.


These patrol ships, shielded by armor far superior to the tanks of their imperial counterparts and mounted with a substantial amount of high-performance orbal weaponry, had also managed to boost their speed to over 1800 selge per hour. Using these crafts-- an independent mobile force lauded as the elite of elite-- Liberl's forces mounted an attack and quickly recaptured the checkpoints connecting the various regions. And as this strike was underway, they simultaneously launched an amphibious attack from Leiston Fortress and, one by one, defeated the remaining isolated imperial divisions.


<The End of Hostilities>

After just three months following the outbreak of war, the larger part of the Imperial Army's remaining divisions finally surrendered. However, as capitulation was at hand, there were indications of a surge of further reinforcements from the imperial homeland-- a move which galvanized other continental nations to follow suit and join the Calvard Republic in supporting Liberl. Together they lambasted the Empire, and a formidable group of allied forces began to materialize.


Amidst all the chaos the Septian Church, in cooperation with the Bracer Guild, called for an armistice, and after approximately one hundred days from the start of the war the hostilities came to an end. In the following year of 1193, in the Erbe Royal Villa on the outskirts of the Royal City, a peace treaty was signed by both the Liberl and Erebonian sides. Although no indemnification was made, an official apology was offered up by the imperial government as they expressed that they had, '...made a grievous error attributed to a tragic incident occurring within (their) borders.'

  • Capítulo 1 (Automáticamente durante la misión South Block Burglary):
    • Kingfisher Inn, Valleria Lakeshore

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Ruan Economics - Volume 1


Ruan Economic History Volume 1


− Table of Contents −


1. Ruan Economics Prior to the Orbal Revolution

  • Urban Transfiguration Due to Developments in Nautical Technology
  • Developments in Industry and the Rise of the Working Class

2. Abolishment of the Aristocracy and Regional Economics

  • Collapse of the Oligopolistic System


Economic history is a field of scholarship which looks back historically on economic activity, one of a number of actions carried out by people, and weighs its evolution in relation to the future.


In fact, it would hardly be an overstatement to say that the state of the world following the Orbal Revolution was led by a series of economic dynamics. Dramatic progress in transit technology and improved productivity gave rise to a continental-scale flow of goods and people, which in turn resulted in a more explicit structure of interests making an appearance within governments among neighboring nations.


This book aims to trace history sequentially from prior to the Orbal Revolution, and while setting Ruan apart from the rest of Liberl Kingdom, proceed to analyze the developments of regional economics.

  • Capítulo 2 (Durante la misión Research Materials Hunt):
    • Vestuario masculino, Clubhouse, Jenis Royal Academy.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Ruan Economics - Volume 2


Ruan Economic History Volume 2


− Table of Contents −

Preface: The World After the Orbal Revolution


3. Ruan and the Orbal Revolution

  • Advent of the Airship and the Maritime Industry

4. The Hundred Days War and the Empire

  • The State of Commodity Distribution Before and After the War
  • Disparity, and the Shifting Empire


The benefits in connection with the Orbal Revolution wrought mighty change in both production and transportation; the foundational elements of economic activity.


The introduction of orbal technology to the manual industry increased production without leading to a consolidation of the workforce and allowed outdated worker unions to commercialize and thereby erect a framework which supplied the market with a stable flow of diverse goods.


On the downside, the progress of transit technology, beginning with the emergence of airships, internationalized economic competition in one fell swoop and created a situation which prompted a fierce utilitarian rivalry among nations. Economic rivalries such as these can be found skulking in the milieu of nearly all erupting strife in this present age, regardless of boundaries.

  • Capítulo 2 (Durante la misión Research Materials Hunt):
    • Faculty Lounge, Schoolhouse, Jenis Royal Academy.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Ruan Economics - Volume 3


Ruan Economic History Volume 3


− Table of Contents −

Preface: The Hundred Days War and Ruan


5. Ruan Economics After the War

  • The Appearance of New Entrepreneurs
  • Contrasting Tourism Resource Development Policy

6. Challenges for the New Generation

  • Internationalization of Airship Routes and Ruan


Though being in the midst of great advances with regards to transit technology following the Orbal Revolution, Ruan's economic epicenter remained as before, centered on the import and export of goods through its seaport, with the Erebonian Empire occupying a significant position as a strategic partner in trade.


Consequently, at the conclusion of the Hundred Days War, cooling relations with the Empire meant serious repercussions for this seaport city. This situation forced merchants to tread new ground and, as a result, pioneered enterprise which created domestic demand and developed tourism resources.


At present, though these measures and policies have finally begun to bear fruit, there still remain a number of issues which have yet to be resolved.

  • Capítulo 2 (Durante la misión Research Materials Hunt):
    • Habitación de la 1ª planta del dormitorio de chicos, Jenis Royal Academy.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Kitty-Talk for Dummies


[Things to Be Aware of When Speaking in Feline]

Pronunciation of the feline language has distinct characteristics depending on the region and may differ slightly from the following information. This could be considered comparable to dialects in the human tongue.


In addition, since the number of elongated vowel sounds (indicated by the 〜 character) are intimately related to a cat's personality and emotional state, there is quite a broad range of variation.


That being said, I have attempted to compile a list of the most common expressions.


[Specific Examples]

You're absolutely right. (Strong affirmation)

This way. (When guiding)

This is it.

(An expression of delight)

Hold up. (When urging to be cautious)

These nails are bothering me. (When agitated)

I'm hungry.

(An expression of caution)

I'm tired.

Who are you?

Yes, that's right.

What's wrong?

So, we meet again...fleshy thing.

It's been a while. How have you been?


Yes, that's exactly right. (Strong affirmation)


(A yawn)

What did you just say, o' hairless one? (An expression of reproach)

You are welcome, squishy pink thing.

I'm hungry. (Kitten talk)

I'm sorry.

  • Capítulo 3 (Durante la misión Temp Librarian):
    • Clínica de la 4ª planta, Zeiss Central Factory
    • Archivos de la 2ª planta, tras completar la misión.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Tomorrow's Cooking


〜Cooking is a Science!〜
〜Recipes for the New Millennium〜

Today, I will be introducing one of my newest cooking recipes specially for those readers of this book! And that recipe is none other than --(Drum roll please)-- Can you guess what it is? It's Bouillabaisse!


Yes, that's right! This delectable dish of unobtrusive monster bits is one that everyone can enjoy! Follow my groundbreaking recipe and that monster corpse you've been dragging around will taste simply divine! Now whip out your sword and let's get started!




  • Juicy Bone x2
  • Fish Fillet x2
  • Crisp Onion x1
  • Red Pepper (Add to taste)
  • Clear Gelatin (Add to taste)




  1. Wash Juicy Bones thoroughly with water. (If you are still bothered by the scent then try boiling them, or if all else fails, ram a clove of garlic deep into each nostril.)
  2. Finely chop Crisp Onion. Chop Juicy Bones and Fish Fillet into edible-sized pieces.
    • Lightly rinse Clear Gelatin in water after unraveling it.
  3. Saute ingredients in a heated frying pan.
    • After Fish Fillet has been lightly cooked, add water or soup and simmer until liquid has half-evaporated.
  4. Lastly, add Clear Gelatin and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and wait for thickening.
  5. After Clear Gelatin thickens, cut it into edible-sized pieces.

Your Bouillabaisse is now ready!


You may eat it as is, or heating it with a little flashy orbal magic makes for a great dinner show!
*This dish is great for lunch boxes and scaring small children!

  • Capítulo 3 (Durante la misión Temp Librarian):
    • Clínica de la 4ª planta, Zeiss Central Factory
    • Archivos de la 2ª planta, tras completar la misión.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Septium Optic Annals


[Septium Optic Annals]


Published by the Zeiss Central Factory

<General Theory>

The current state of orbal technology research



  1. Research pertaining to orbal energy attributes on a quartz interface
  2. R&D for high output orbal guns which utilize zero-defect crystals
  3. Statistical predictions of precipitation defects due to interference field formation
  4. Relative cascade geometry and propulsion efficiency under low orbal energy conditions
  5. Mechanical calculation acceleration through the use of orbal energy-storing cycloidal gears within a tourbillon


<General Theory>

The current state of orbal technology research

During these fifty years since the Orbal Revolution, the Central Factory has striven in the reform of orbal technology by working out a number of applicable methods for its use. Currently, the research findings of this same factory have been utilized in all facets of society and have greatly contributed to the development of industry.


However, on the flipside of all these remarkable achievements, the field of basic research has been disregarded as a thing of naught. What is orbal energy, and what are the fundamental operating principles of an orbment? Now in an age where social appraisal of technological research has become an unchallenged part of life, it leaves us to beg the question of whether or not we should return to basics.

  • Capítulo 3 (Durante la misión Temp Librarian):
    • Clínica de la 4ª planta, Zeiss Central Factory
    • Archivos de la 2ª planta, tras completar la misión.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png The Erbe Woodpecker


[A Bird of Legend]

The Erbe Scenic Route is a road lined with beautiful groves of slender trees on each side of its cobbled path. A notable site frequently appearing in ancient royal court literature, it is thought by researchers that the scenery which knights once laid eyes on was far more spectacular than that which is seen today.


Sadly, those vivid colors appearing in days of yore have long since been lost. Those awe-inspiring hues of which are written in poem and song refer to the plumage of a single bird. Its name: the Erbe Woodpecker.


Presently, it is exceptionally rare to catch a glimpse of this brilliant azure bird. In fact, its extinction has even been suggested on more than a few occasions.


In an interesting light, traditional songs sung by knights of times past make frequent mention of these birds as being a common sight. It undoubtedly seems as though there used to exist an incomparably large population of these woodpeckers in contrast with their meager numbers in recent times. This brings us to the pivotal question of: What fate exactly befell these birds over the course of the last several hundred years?


[A Peculiar Mode of Life]

Although the Erbe Woodpecker is in fact a woodpecker, it does not peck holes in the trunks of trees. The reason being: it cannot.


In general, woodpeckers use their beaks to bore holes in the boles of trees for nesting, but for the Erbe Woodpecker, this is an impossible task. Consequently, they figured out another way to deal with this problem. Even if they do not bore the hole themselves, there are many other nesting holes for them to choose from.


That's right, they will usurp a nesting hole made by another species of woodpecker.


The Erbe Woodpecker, with a beak perfect for catching insects and its clever ploy of stealing a fellow's nesting hole, was believed to have the traits that would allow it to prosper indefinitely.


[Invasion by an Invasive Species]

A sudden change occurred when a new, larger species of woodpecker came to live in the forests inhabited by the Erbe Woodpecker. This larger species had managed to migrate by way of boat from its distant, native land.

As nautical technology developed and trade began to flourish, the coming and going of marine vessels became increasingly dynamic. However, those which traveled on these boats and ships were not always human.


Blending in with various freight and cargo, these creatures from other lands managed to come ashore one after another. With the introduction of this larger species of woodpecker, those smaller species which were once endemic to Liberl gradually left the Erbe Forest in search of new habitats. Life also became problematic for the Erbe Woodpecker as its nesting hole size differed greatly from the outsiders'. Yet, despite these drawbacks, it continued to stay in the forest.


With the other small species of its habitat being driven out, finding another woodpecker's nesting hole became increasingly difficult. If a nesting hole could not be found, the Erbe Woodpecker, of course, could not reproduce either. Thus, chances for reproduction among its kind gradually decreased, and a long era of decline set in among them.


[Cleverness and Their Eventual Downfall]

The Erbe Woodpecker, with its clever methodology of using the nesting holes of others, enjoyed a brief period of prosperity. However, having abandoned their ability to bore holes for themselves some millennia before left them unable to cope with the abrupt changes in their environment. On the other hand, those other species of woodpeckers, despite having been displaced by invasive species countless times, have continued to prosper today as they have in times past.


There are many things which we ourselves can learn from these tiny birds. So if you should happen to see one of these azure rarities flying amongst the trees of the grove-bordered avenue on the Erbe Scenic Route, please remember the struggle they have been forced to endure.

  • Capítulo 3 (Durante la misión Temp Librarian):
    • Maple Leaf Inn, Elmo Village.
    • Archivos de la 2ª planta, tras completar la misión.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Hertz's Adventure - Part 1


Hertz's Adventure
Encounter with the Spectacled Genie - Part 1

Using his finger to push his slipping glasses back up onto the ridge of his nose, Young Hertz continued his journey.

As far as he could see in every direction, the earth had been blanketed with a thick layer of white. The fine powder covering the ground in undulating lumps and clumps was actually made up of pale granules of sand, which were light and fluffy like the freshly driven snow.


'Where's the river supposed to be?' came the raspy voice of a youth named Midas from behind.


Midas, a skinny boy with hair the color of tobacco leaves protruding from the butt of a hand-rolled cigarette, was Hertz's most trusted friend and one who never hesitated to tag along with him on one of his impulsive adventures.

'It's just a little further,' Young Hertz replied without turning his head to look back at his companion.


The two of them had set out for the spindly river which cut directly across the center of the parched white desert and the oasis beside it; a rest stop well-known for being the last place of refuge for those travelers and their camels who were brave enough to cross the scorching dunes.


Young Hertz and Midas had planned to camp there along the riverside that evening before attempting to trek across the remainder of the barren lands the following day.


'So, do you think we'll really be all right?' Midas asked as he unwrapped the silver wrapper of a half-melted candy. 'There's been a rumor going around about a genie appearing in these parts. And believe it or not, but some say that he'll even gobble up whole people!'


'Rumors are just that: rumors,' replied Young Hertz. 'But, I might consider their veracity if we ever did happen to come across a real one,' he added, brushing off the idea with a chuckle.


No sooner had the words left his mouth when a booming voice thundered from somewhere behind them, 'Then how about you start considering that now?'


Upon hearing this, Young Hertz turned quickly around, his eyes searching for the source of the questioning voice.

There standing before him was the figure of a decrepit genie swathed in a robe of incomprehensible black, its back more bowed than the curled spine of a cat's seeking its master's attention, and a pair of old spectacles perched atop the curved shape of its talon-like nose. Yet, the more Young Hertz looked at the genie, the more unsure he became as to whether he was staring at something resembling a shriveled old man or a ghastly old woman.


Midas froze in terror as he saw the tall, robed personage not far from his side. 'I-I'm not s-s-scared,' he stuttered with a face whiter than the desert sand surrounding them as he noticed Young Hertz's gaze fixated on the genie. 'My candy just got stuck in my throat is all,' he croaked out as he bumbled through a jumble of ridiculous excuses in his head.


A complex smirk of wrinkles curled across the genie's cheeks, giving the illusion that something else was living below its haggard skin.


'Oh my, how cruel it is to have been gobbled up whole! What a piteous fate for that sugared lump of candy in your gullet.'


Not seeming to mind that the spectacles had begun to slip from its nose, the genie continued to shake its head, gripped by some mad delight.


'But fear not, my little drop of sweetness, for I shall avenge you by digesting the very marrow of these boys' bones as I change them into the dust of these arid lands!' The genie narrowed its turbid eyes and trundled toward Midas.

In an instant, the sleeves of its robe were flung back exposing thin, gnarled arms which shook like a pair of long withered branches in the wind. The genie's fingertips extended, sharp as pointed tridents, and sped toward Midas' twitching face, advancing with precision, or at least that's what it seemed like until they passed by the boy's face and stabbed futilely at the empty air.


As if being slightly amazed by the failed attempt, the genie cocked its head in surprise, but soon thereafter, took notice of what had been amiss. In a hurry, it brought both hands up to its ancient face and began to neatly adjust the pair of spectacles which sat crookedly on top of the bent nose.


'I've had poor eyesight since I was a child, too...' said Young Hertz to the creature as it fumbled with the glasses. 'And it looks to me like yours is worse than mine.'


As soon as the genie took in the young boy's words, another, much larger set of furrowed wrinkles appeared on its face.


'How did you know?' it asked suspiciously.


The genie tweaked the position of the spectacles on the bridge of its nose before turning back to Young Hertz and inquired again, 'How did you know my eyes were so bad?'


Young Hertz exchanged incredulous looks with Midas, both taken aback by the genie's apparent obliviousness. However, while this was occurring, another expression had taken over the wizened face.


'So that's it, huh? I see how it is...' the genie went on as it raised a bony, white finger and pointed at the set of glasses Young Hertz was wearing. 'Those are magical spectacles, aren't they!' the creature declared triumphantly.

'Specta...what?' said Young Hertz with a confused look on his face.


'Indeed, they must be!' the black robed genie muttered as it cast its eyes heavenward while ignoring Young Hertz's response. And once more, the crone-like figure began to tremble with glee.



  • Capítulo 3:
    • Archivos de la 2ª planta, Zeiss Central Factory.

trails_in_the_sky_libro.png Hertz's Adventure - Part 2


Hertz's Adventure
Encounter with the Spectacled Genie - Part 2

'Those magical spectacles must be capable of seeing the true nature of anyone who stands before them!'

After a fitful bout of shaking from excitement (but this time making sure to check that its own spectacles were aligned), the genie gazed down resolutely at Young Hertz.


'There's no point in having a boy such as yourself hang on to such an invaluable item. In fact, it would be in your best interest to hand them over. Otherwise...' it trailed off. But instead of elaborating on its threat, the genie simply extended its arms once more.


This time, the genie picked up a boulder much larger then any normal person could lift, and Young Hertz and Midas watched as the massive rock disappeared into the fiery depths of its open mouth. Causing the wind to stir as it clamped down its distended jaws with incredible force, the genie gulped down the large rock as if it had been a light snack. And not a moment later, a hollow sound like something thrown into a deep well echoed in the depths of its belly.


'So...have I made myself clear? If you do not hand over those spectacles, it is you who will end up being my next sweet morsel.'


Midas looked at Young Hertz with a frightful gaze. 'D-D-Did you see that humongous mouth of his? He's the real deal, all right... It's just like the rumors say.'


'Yeah, but that still leaves us with another problem...' sighed Young Hertz. 'Without my glasses, I can't continue my travels.'


As Young Hertz stood pondering his dilemma, another large boulder by his feet disappeared into the genie's voracious mouth followed once again by the ominous hollow echo from beneath its sable garb.


'But if he eats us, then we're both done for...' argued Midas as he stood shivering with fright, imagining the candy he had swallowed not minutes before.


'I guess you're right...' concluded Young Hertz, and he stepped closer to the genie. 'All right, good sir, we'll give in to your demands. Being swallowed whole doesn't sound like much fun,' he declared.


'And a wise choice you've made, boy,' replied the genie.


After taking a long look at Young Hertz's face, the genie narrowed its eyes and a plethora of wrinkles crinkled about their corners. Young Hertz said nothing as he unseated the pair of glasses from his nose and obediently placed them at the feet of the genie.


'So these are magical spectacles...' the creature said in a voice quavering with excitement as it squatted down, its face drawing closer to where they lay in the sand. Impatiently, it tossed aside its own spectacles, and after blindly searching by hand for the object of its fascination through the soft, granulated sand, it picked them up and placed them snugly atop its nose.


'These are no less than magical spectacles indeed!' it cried in a tremor of delight as it danced around, causing its robe to flutter about wildly. 'With these I shall have nothing to fear!' And with one last deafening screech it disappeared just as suddenly as it had arrived. The drifting echo of its voice faded and the two boys once again stood alone on a sea of white sand.


Midas scanned the area around them. 'It looks like he's really gone,' he said, his voice weak with relief. Indeed, there was no sign as far as the eye could see of the black-robed figure.


Feeling a pang of sympathy as he looked at the side of Young Hertz's face, who strangely enough seemed to be amused about something, Midas began to rummage through his pocket looking for a piece of candy to offer to his friend as a token of solace over the loss of his trusty eyewear.


Walking up to the other boy, Midas held out the piece of candy, its silver wrapper half undone.

'Don't be disheartened, old friend. It's not like this is the last adventure we'll have.'


'I think...I'm going to be just fine...' replied Young Hertz. His voice was subdued, but the adventurer's eyes twinkled with laughter. Then, as if harking back to some past event, he continued his thoughts aloud.


'Man, that genie must have been blinder than a bat with no eyes,' he said in astonishment.


Midas stared at Young Hertz uncomprehendingly until the other boy turned fully toward him, a grin splitting his face from ear to ear. Then Midas saw it, and a smile of his own spread across his face. For there, resting on top of his friend's nose was something which had grown familiar to him over the years.


'In the end, it seems like the poor fool managed to mistake his own glasses for mine,' Young Hertz went on in a comical tone.


'So the ones you're wearing now are...' Midas asked, though the silver rims of the glasses had already confirmed it.

'Yep. They're the exact ones I put on this morning.' With a happy air Young Hertz took the sugary treat from his friend and popped it into his mouth.


However, this time, as the honeyed-glaze of the candy balls they carried in their mouths melted away, both he and his friend made certain not to swallow them whole.


'You know,' Midas said as they walked along, 'even if there were such a thing as magical spectacles, I don't think they'd amount to anything in his possession, because as you and I both know, he has a habit of 'losing' them when things matter the most.'



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trails_in_the_sky_libro.png 31 Cypress Trees


<31 Cypress Trees>


The good farmer Sheprott
Planted five cypress trees in his garden
The good farmer Sheprott
Dunged the earth carefully about them
The good farmer Sheprott
Suffered a year of pestilence
The good farmer Sheprott
Watched as all of his trees withered away


The good farmer Sheprott
Planted another seven cypress trees
The good farmer Sheprott
Dunged the earth about them even more
The good farmer Sheprott
Suffered a year of bitter winter
The good farmer Sheprott
Watched as all of his trees snapped in the biting cold

The good farmer Sheprott
Planted still another nine cypress trees
The good farmer Sheprott
Dunged the earth about them further more
The good farmer Sheprott
Saw his trees grow into a great canopy
The good farmer Sheprott
Watched as all of his trees broke under the weight of a great snow


The good farmer Sheprott
Planted yet another eleven cypress trees
The good farmer Sheprott
Plucked those which were frail and cast them into the fire
The good farmer Sheprott
Suffered another year of pestilence and great winter
The good farmer Sheprott
Watched as his last tree grew into a magnificent fir


The good farmer Sheprott
In order to confect a single grand cypress
The good farmer Sheprott
Planted thirty-two cypress trees
The good farmer Sheprott
With his loving goodness for them all
The good farmer Sheprott
Brought thirty-one cypress trees to the depths of ruination

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